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About Us

"In June 2017 my partner Renzo and I co-founded Madison Ashley with a mission to bridge the gap between fine and fairly priced jewelry, as well as create a comfortable and transparent shopping experience. We believe everyone, not just the Queen of England, should be able to enjoy simple, yet elegant, fire opal pieces."

Our jewelry is designed in the USA, but made with the finest quality opals from all over the world; Sourced from Australia, Mexico, Ethiopia, and even the state of Nevada. To make our designs even more special, we incorporated each piece with elements of our three biggest inspirations: travel, nature, and our love for animals.

There is a piece for everyone in our exclusive collections. A piece that will speak to you and inspire you. A piece that will allow you to connect with your passions and embrace your truest, most authentic self, while feeling good about wearing fine jewelry, everyday. We give our best in order to craft not only opal pieces, but unique crystal pieces as well. We strive to make a statement with each piece; not too loud, but not at all subtle.

Michelle Wituck