About Us

I simply started Madison Ashley to share the 5 benefits blue opal has to offer to the world (has been life changing for me). After being introduced to blue opal, I decided to start creating blue opal pieces with different designs… fast forward now, every new blue opal piece I make, I never take them off (really hard to do because I fall in love with every piece we craft)… I  shower, sleep and workout in my blue opal jewelry. Some of the benefits I've obtain after I began wearing my blue opal jewelry are


1. Has helped calm my anxiety


2. Started to have a positive mindset (even during the toughest days life throws at me)


3. Enhance my creativity (being more open minded)


4. Be more confident in myself (which has been my biggest insecurity) and


5. Has strengthen the relationship with my friends and family. 


Overall. Blue opal is a delicate stone with fine but vibrant energies. I hope you join us and start enjoying the benefits blue opal has to offer with the beautiful designs we craft here at Madison Ashley 
We came to find out they mine blue opal and handcraft it into wearable pieces.
Madison Ashley was born. With the ethically sourced opal, the artisans design and craft every unique piece you see in our opal collection.


There is a piece for everyone in our exclusive collections. Find the style that inspires you, and carry the energy of the blue opal stone wherever you go with the piece of mind that you are making an impact.


Michelle Wituck