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Our Story

Madison Ashley is a fresh blue opal jewelry brand that is all about positivity and ethos.

Our Beginnings
Inspired by the vibrancy of the blue opal through our travels, we laid the first stone in June 2017. The blue opal captured our attention in the way it refracts light, it seemed to glow from the inside out. This iridescence alone is something so calming, yet energetic and refreshing–like a clear blue sea.
During our years of travel, we experienced magnificent turquoise waters off the coasts of the Adriatic and Caribbean Seas. And through charmingly cobbled alleyway shops and beach side vendor carts, blue opal seemed to follow us. It was so prevalent we began to associate blue opal with the calming, refreshing energy of our beachside adventures.It helped us connect with the current moments and people around us. We associate good feelings and vibes with this stone, which is why we want to share this same positivity by creating blue opal pieces for you to wear.
Our Mission
Madison Ashley aims to give you the chance to commemorate your past adventures and remember your beautiful experiences.
Our goal is to bring back the feeling of happiness and what it felt like during those special moments, no matter where you are or what you are currently going through. Our jewelry can be a constant reminder to celebrate life, express gratitude, and keep the memories of all precious moments and people in your life close to your heart. 
The Future
Madison Ashley wants to continue being a source of optimism, a constant vessel of positivity and happiness for anyone who wears our vibrant opals. We aim to be the special piece that rekindles only the good memories in remarkable places with amazing people. Whether they are still present or not, the good times will always be the inspiration for our jewelry collections.
We will constantly strive to give our customers the opportunity to encapsulate special memories, collecting these moments through our pieces.


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