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About Us

Our Birth

It started with a brilliant idea, an idea that would change the opal industry forever. Opal stones have a mesmerizing iridescence that seems to glow from within. Our fascination with this precious gem, its ancient and mythological history, and positive forth bringing energies created the entity you have before you, Madison Ashley. Of course a lot of imagination, creativity and hours of hard work went into bringing MA to life, and thanks to the loyalty and trust of our customers we’ve managed to do a lot more; MA is voted as one of the Top Ten New Retailers, and has more than 20,000 happy customers under her belt.

Our Mission

In June 2017 I co-founded MA with my partner, Renzo, and ever since we have been on a mission to bridge the gap between fine and fairly priced jewelry. We want to offer simple, elegant, and high-quality opal pieces with unique designs. We incorporate each piece with elements of our biggest inspirations: traveling, nature and our love for animals.

Madison Ashley Jewelry is designed in the USA, but made with opal from all over the world. We use only the finest quality opal sourced from Australia, Mexico, Ethiopia, and even the state of Nevada. And because we know the manufacturers and deal directly with them, our jewelry will come with a fair price tag.

There is a piece for everyone. Something to compliment their likes and interests. Something that speaks to them. We want to create a comfortable atmosphere, and transparent shopping experience, where everyone can connect with their passions and embrace their truest, most authentic selves while being able to wear fine jewelry and feel good about it, everyday.We give our best in order to design and craft unique opal jewelry. We strive so each piece makes a statement when worn; not too loud, but not at all subtle.

Our Vision

With your invaluable help, we dream big and aim at being a worldwide recognized brand, and one of the first names that pops into mind when thinking of fine, classy, and innovative opal jewelry!

We don’t stop there, though; world-class customer service, exceptional attention to detail, a ceaseless desire to serve the public, discover new ideas, and bring you new designs, are the secret ingredients that help keep MA on the top of your preference list for fine jewelry!

We are based in East Hartford, which means each order is packed by hand and shipped from Connecticut, USA :)



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