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About Us

"In June 2017 my partner, Renzo, and I took a trip to Peru. With its rich and colorful culture, we couldn’t help but explore deep into the country’s beautiful landscapes and villages. We weren’t looking for a soul changing experience, but it wasn’t until we passed through a small artisan village in the Andes that we realized our lives would be changed forever.

Struggling to make a living, but still leading simple, happy lives, we wanted to know the secret these villagers held to such joy. We came to find out they mine blue opal and handcraft it into wearable pieces.

The artisans told us of the special power blue opal holds, such as bringing prosperity, beauty, and love to those who wear it. (Learn more about the benefits of blue opal here). They believe in the good energy of the stone and craft specific pieces to enhance its beneficial qualities, as well as incorporating hints of nature out of their deep respect for the landscape, which is why most of our opal jewelry is nature themed.

With so much talent unknown to the world, my partner and I knew we had to help these good natured people, thus Madison Ashley was born. With the ethically sourced opal, the artisans design and craft every unique piece you see in our opal collection. For many of the locals this is a way of life, and with every purchase you make, you help them provide for their families by keeping a steady stream of work and income.You make an impact.

There is a piece for everyone in our exclusive collections. Find the style that inspires you, and carry the energy of the blue opal stone wherever you go with the piece of mind that you are making an impact.

Michelle Wituck