Inspired by the vibrancy of the blue opal through our travels, we laid the first stone in June 2017. The blue opal captured our attention in the way it refracts light, it seemed to glow from the inside out. This iridescence alone is something so calming, yet energetic and refreshing–like a clear blue sea. During our years of travel, we experienced magnificent turquoise waters off the coasts of the Adriatic and Caribbean Seas. And through charmingly cobbled alleyway shops and beach side vendor carts, blue opal seemed to follow us. It was so prevalent we began to associate blue opal with the calming, refreshing energy of our beachside adventures. It helped us connect with the current moments and people around us. We associate good feelings and vibes with this stone, which is why we want to share this same positivity by creating blue opal pieces for you to wear.
Hand-built surfboards are the foundation of what we do here; but whatever the pursuit may be, we're a brand
that believes in investing the time and committing to the process.
Our aim is to make timeless, essential products for surfers and craftsmen of all varieties.
We got our start in 2007, hand-shaping surfboards that we hoped would be lasting
in quality and function. We have been continuing to refine and perfect our process ever since.
We truly hope that the surfboards we build today will be passed down as heirlooms to the next generation.
As a team and as a brand, we value well-made purposeful products. We make things that we 
need/want/use, and we make them in California, because this is our home.
Come visit us at our retail store in Costa Mesa, we would love to chat with you.
We are a small team of 5 dedicated friends/family who want to make
good, honest stuff for good, honest people...