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Hunters Moon Charm (Limited Edition)

Hunters Moon Charm (Limited Edition)

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You don’t need NASA to confirm the sheer beauty of a full moon. The intense illumination from her surface is enough to brighten the darkest nights and mesmerize all who look upon her.


Each month has its own unique moon. The Hunters Moon is the full moon of October, so named by the first tribes of North America. It was during October when hunters tracked down the fattened deer, from summer, by the glow of the autumnal moon light.


Because of these origins, the Hunters Moon Charm is special. It works with the energy of the blue opal to amplify all parts of the mind and body; meaning, if you are angry, you will become angrier, and vis versa if you are in a joyful mood. During a full moon, it is always good to practice and attain a calm state of mind.


We specifically paired the moon design with opal to not only help obtain and intensify a positive state of mind, but also allow you to attain a full life, illuminating the right path for you to find your fattened deer (metaphorically), as the Hunter Moon did for the hunters.



  • - Blue Opal inlay
  • - 925 Sterling Silver
  • - 18" Adjustable Venetian chain
  • - Pendant dimensions 1cm x 1.5cm

- High Quality Material That Will Not Scratch or Irritate Your Skin

  Delivery within 2-5 business days for all USA orders.

 Delivery within 2-5 business days.

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