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5 Things That Make our Jewelry Special

November 02, 2017

1. We’re a US based, family-run business

Madison Ashley isn’t another faceless internet store, but we are a serious family business.  My husband and I decided to set up our own jewelry brand so that we could listen to what customers tell us they like, source the perfect products, and keep bringing you exciting new ideas.

2. Simple Elegance

When it comes to our products, we try to provide something for every taste, and all with a classic, simple style.  Our passion for jewelry means we are always on the look-out for the latest trends, but ensure they translate into elegant, wearable pieces of jewelry which you will enjoy for years to come.

3. Style Fusion

Did you know that my husband and I have also lived in Japan and the Philippines?  We love to take our inspiration from all around the world, and our love of travelling means our products are totally unique.

4. Nature’s Inspiration

We believe really strongly in the beauty of nature.  Just looking at a waterfall or contemplating a cloudy sky can make you feel relaxed and peaceful, and that’s something we try to capture in our collections.  Gazing into one of our rings is like watching the deep blue ripples of a tropical ocean – guaranteed to cheer you up when you’re wishing you really were on holiday!

5. Quality and Value

Each and every product we offer has to meet our expectations for high quality, because we know that’s what our customers are looking for too.  We work closely with suppliers to make sure that each ring, necklace and charm is carefully crafted.  We want our jewelry to become your favorite accessory!

We are always trying to keep up with the trends and attempt to design opal gemstones around anything we find interesting. View our opal designs here