World Manta Day!

World Manta Day!

Today is World Manta Day and we’d like to celebrate these magnificent creatures of the sea!

Aside from celebrating manta rays, let us raise awareness of the threats that these mysterious ocean giants are facing. As beautiful as they are, their numbers are falling in many regions. They are consumed in regions of China and East Asia and they can get easily entangled in fishing nets and die.

Here are some fun facts about Manta Rays

A manta’s skin is covered in a mucusy film

The mucus serves as protection and a touch from human hands can remove the film, so hands off!

Mantas are one of the largest animals in the ocean

Manta rays can weigh as much as 1,350 kg and have wingspans of up to 7m. Very few aquariums can accommodate them so there are not many in captivity.

Swimming is essential

Mantas have to swim constantly to stay alive – the forward propulsion flushes water over their gills.

Mantas have large brains

It’s thought that their brain structure, unique among fish, might help to explain mantas' social and curious natures.

They’re on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Humans and human activity pose threats to mantas. Whether they become tangled in nets or are hunted for their body parts, we humans are more of a threat to mantas than ocean predators.


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