WOMAN; Ride the waves of adversity!

WOMAN; Ride the waves of adversity!

The strength of women all over the world has shaped our reality in all possible aspects. Today in this time and age, there’s a lot being done to further Women’s Equality and a lot can still be done.

Madison Ashley has worked with a lot of incredible women who have not only achieved amazing things for themselves, but also contribute to equality and changing the world.

Today, we want their stories to be heard!

Deanna Loveland

“For our family, achieving women’s equality begins at home. It’s said that women carry out 2-1/2 times more unpaid household or care work than men. As a mom of 3 boys, achieving equality is as simple as teaching them to cook, clean and help care for their baby brother!

My husband and I equally divide housework and childcare in our home so it’s no surprise for daddy to cook breakfast or watch the boys so mommy can attend a meeting.”

Audra Goforth

“I was raised by a single father and our household was just me, my dad and older brother. One lesson I am thankful for that my father taught me, was the understanding that I am just as good as any man, if not, stronger. He never raised me with this idea that I couldn’t do something as well as a guy, or simply couldn’t because I was a girl. I played sports, helped him clean boats and yards, and always worked hard. He taught me how a man should treat a woman with respect and kindness, and that I was to stand beside my husband, not behind him. Gender equality was instilled in my brain at a young age.

As I got older, I realized there were times where I have been treated nicer by men for being a female, but I have never taken that to my advantage and have simply seen it as proper respect.

To instill women equality, I hold my own, stay confident in what I do, and am never afraid to look a man in the eye. From work, friendships and even relationships — I keep this mentality of never expecting a man to do it all for me, and for me to not be too prideful to allow a man to help. Women’s equality is still being fought for, but what I have learned is a lot of it starts by how a woman holds herself and treats others. You are just as capable of owning a room as any man, but it starts with your attitude — and that is something I will teach my future daughter.”

Grace Bell

“Treating others the way you would want to be treated has been my way of seeking equality. If you keep your eyes forward and treat everyone equally along the way I think that you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who do the same.”

Quiana Wesley

“For me, adversity as a woman comes in many forms. I’m a Black and lesbian woman which each bring unique hardships. My driving force in overcoming these is the reminder that no one can advocate for me like I can. Each challenge will be fought with me at the forefront, so why not assert my worth within myself before it happens? 3 deep breaths and a quick self affirmation can take you a long way.”

Sia Shells

“As a woman (and mermaid) who was raised by strong women (my mom and grandmother), I think it’s so important to have role models in your life that you mirror and get inspired by on a daily basis. Social media has made this so accessible and there are many positive influences in the digital realm that act as beacons to those feeling lost or needing guidance. Don’t get me wrong there are downsides to it too, with insecurities and constant comparisons, but I always try to focus on the good!

We are so honored to have met these amazing women who stand up and speak up not just for themselves but for women in all forms and sizes. Madison Ashley is every woman. And these are their stories. What’s yours?

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