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When was the last time you said you were happy?

March 19, 2020

We get it, everyone's busy, the minutes go by quickly, and we’ve lost touch of what happiness truly is. Isn’t it ironic that we have to disconnect to reconnect? Well, today is International Happiness Day and it is the perfect opportunity to make someone -including yourself- happy.

We know that the past few days have been very challenging but you know what’s nice? It’s the fact that happiness is always connected to togetherness. We are all facing a difficult situation all over the world and this circumstance brings us the chance to be with each other and care for one another. 

During trying times, it is our loved ones we find comfort in. Our family, friends and all the special people around us are what gives us strength, love, and inspiration.

Now is our chance to support one another and take a step back.

Now is the chance to realize our love and care for one another.

 Make sure that they know you value them by spreading happiness and positivity, because a lot of us, even on holidays, forget the value of being present and focus on just giving gifts.

Get your loved ones something nice and memorable and create a special moment. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be meaningful and heartfelt. Make your significant other breakfast in bed, and spend time with your family. Unplug from the world, create actual memories and make sure that there’s something to remember the moment by.

Happiness comes from within. It’s from family and friends, the people we love, and the memories we share.

Happiness is eating your favorite meals together and doing the things you love, it’s seeing your loved ones laugh or smile and capturing those instants, it's paying attention and actually living in the moment.

Happiness is appreciating all the little things no matter how mundane they seem to be.

This International Happiness day, take a step to actually BE together.

Why? Because life is just so much happier when you spend it together.


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