Ways You Can Help Conserve Clean Water

Ways You Can Help Conserve Clean Water

Today we celebrate WATER; the life-giving element that fills our body and surrounds our world.

You use water in almost everything you do. You drink water, it nourishes the plants that produce oxygen for you, your body and the food you eat, and most of all, it is in your oceans, your rivers and so many other things. Water is life, water is in you.

Today we collectively make a bit of a noise to raise awareness about the ongoing water crisis worldwide. Now is your chance to take action in your community. After all, we all have a role to play if we want to create a more water-efficient world we must to help protect this vital resource. It starts with you today.

Wondering how you can help? Here are a few ways you can help conserve clean water.

Close the tap when not in use.

Hygiene is very important, especially now during a pandemic, and although others will tell you to shower less, we won’t tell you to do that if you feel like you really need to. Wash as often as you can to keep the germs away but do make sure that you don’t leave the water running while you’re scrubbing your hands, washing your body, shampooing your hair, or brushing your teeth. You can save a lot of water by turning it off when not in use, something so simple yet helps so much.

Reuse water if possible.

The water you use to wash fruits and vegetables from the market or the pasta and rice water can be used to water the plants —they love it too! It helps them grow. The water you use to wash your clothes can be used to mop the floor. You can even save on some soap! The water you use in the shower can be used to flush the toilet, just put a bucket under the stream when you take a shower.

Reusing water is not only limited to the water you use inside your home. In fact, you can also reuse rain water from outside your home! Just place a rain barrel under your downspout and collect some water. You can use it to clean your garage and wash your car, or you can clean off your sidewalks and driveways. If you have a lot of plants then you also know how much they love rain water so go ahead and use it for gardening!

You’re not just reducing your water waste this way, you’re also reducing your water bill! Isn’t it genius?

Fix those leaks!

Spot those leaks and fix them quickly! You’re wasting a lot of precious water by letting your faucets drip and you’re not helping your water bill either. Make sure your toilets aren’t leaky too! These are simple things that we don’t usually notice but keeping them in line will definitely save water -and your water bills.

Cover those pools!

If you do have a pool, make sure you cover them to avoid water loss due to evaporation. This will reduce the times you have to replenish the water and keep your pool free from falling leaves. This will also help keep the water clean which reduces the times you have to treat the pool and replace the water in it. And if you can, just go to the beach instead! Enjoy nature’s pools and take advantage of the existing water that is our lakes and oceans.

Purchase water-conscious items and brands

We’re talking about purchasing appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, or fixtures like faucets and toilets that are water and energy efficient. It may seem like you’re buying something more expensive at first but in the long run, doing so can help you save not only on your water bill, but also on your electricity bill. This also applies to the brands that you buy. See how they do their business and if they try to be as eco friendly as possible. Or better yet, choose brands who help take care and make an effort to save the environment. You know, brands like yours truly.

With your help, Madison Ashley donates 10% of each sale to organizations that take care of the ocean which is our earth’s main source of water, and of course, marine life conservation.

Stay hydrated! But don’t waste water.

Sea you around the seas!

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