Top 8 Beaches to Visit with the Family for Spring!

Top 8 Beaches to Visit with the Family for Spring!

Spring is almost here!

We still have a few days before spring officially begins and we’re already packing our bags for a beach trip! We’ve already created a list of our Top 5 Springtime Activities so now we’re giving you a list of our Top 8 Beaches to Visit with the Family for Spring!

On a regular day, most vacationers are already planning for spring break by now but these times call for a smaller, more intimate vacation. And you don’t have to travel too far to have a salty retreat, you just have to plan ahead and make sure that you comply with the health protocols.

East Coast

North Shore Open Space Park, Miami

This beach is perfect for those who have smaller kids. It is known for its barbecue spots, playground, picnic tables, plenty of space to run and play, and eight blocks of the beautiful ocean.

South beach, Miami


South Beach is known for its glamorous scene. If you’re newlyweds that are enjoying each other’s company before having kids OR if your kids are at a partying age, this beach is perfect for you! Here, you can enjoy night spots, museums, outdoor cafes and celebrity-chef restaurants. You can also go to Lincoln Road Mall for a lot of stores for shopping! From your everyday casual clothing to indie fashion shops, they’ve got it. Remember to check local updates as restrictions may apply during these times.

Virginia beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is known for its 3-mile boardwalk and a lively local dining scene. There are hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront where you can get some of the best seafood in the country while enjoying the ocean view.

This east coast beach is full of maritime history and family-friendly attractions like The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center where you can find ocean life exhibits featuring sharks, rays and sea turtles and so on. Aside from enjoying the beach, you can also make this an opportunity for your kids to learn while having fun.

West Coast

Carmel Beach, California

Carmel Beach or Carmel-by-the-Sea is a good place to go if you’re a fur parent. After all, your dogs could probably use a break too! So if you want a beach that has plenty of space to run around and is dog-friendly, Carmel Beach is a wonderful choice. It is also a nice place for surfing so if you want to teach your human kids a new skill, you can set them on top of a surfboard and teach them how to surf here.

And if you’re not yet convinced, we’ll let you know that this iconic stretch of beach was recognized as one of the best beaches in the world by none other than National Geographic.

La Jolla Cove, California

Looking for seals and sea lions? If you’re thinking of doing a spring beach trip with the family between the last week of April and the first week of June, you will get a higher chance of seeing these animals on the beach.

La Jolla Cove is known for its colony of seals and sea lions, and other marine animals so it is perfect for kids who want to see marine animals in their natural habitat. Sea life is pretty abundant in the area because it is part of the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. You can also visit some of its sea caves by kayak if you want something a little bit more adventurous.

Hāpuna, Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular tropical destination because of its abundance in beaches. White sand on the beaches of Hawaii is unique because it is made of coral fragments and shells of marine organisms.

Hāpuna beach is regularly included in the list of best beaches in Hawaii. It’s sand might not be good for creating sand castles but the half mile long continuous shore break makes it an ideal play area for kids of all ages. And if you’re tired of running around, playing frisbee and other games with the kids, you can just rest under the trees that line the beach or in one of the shaded picnic pavilions.

Punalu’u, Hawaii


People are always looking for white sand beaches but have you ever been in a black sand beach? Okay, time for a bit of a science lesson: the sand on all black sand beaches on Hawaii is made out of tiny fragments of lava. It is made when hot lava cools down instantly as it enters the water, that it solidifies and shatters into large amounts of black sand.

Black Sand Beach or Punalu’u is the most popular black beach sand in the Big Island because it is easily accessible. If you’re not into snorkeling and surfing so much and prefer to go on a coastal hike or having picnics by the beach, this is a great place to visit. You can also see Hawksbill and Green turtles basking in the sun on the beach.

Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii

Have you ever heard of green sand beaches? Yes, they exist and they’re naturally made too!

Papakolea Green Sand Beach is another unique destination to visit in Hawaii. The green sand is made of Olivine crystals from a 49,000-year-old volcanic eruption. Getting there is a bit of a challenge but it’s definitely worth it!

This beach is perfect for adventure seekers but may not be suitable for young kids. There are no shades or shelters in the area, and there are no places to buy food and water at the beach so be sure to pack enough for the entire family. There are also no facilities nor life guards present so it is best to prepare accordingly.

This beach is definitely going off the beaten track so if you’re a family of adventurers with a more mature set of kids then this can be something you can conquer together as a family. Go on a weekday if you want to avoid a large crowd, and make sure you leave no trace!

It’s always fun to go to the beach and spend time with your family. Just don’t forget to vacation responsibly. Follow the safety guidelines, don’t leave anything but footprints and as usual, take nothing but pictures and memories with you.

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