Top 5 Madison Ashley gift items under $50

Top 5 Madison Ashley gift items under $50

The “BER” months are here and we all know what that means! It’s time to start your Christmas shopping! And here are a few Madison Ashley ideas to help plan your Christmas Gift List.

A bit too early? No, not really. We’ve still got a couple of celebrations before Christmas but it’s always great to have an early start to avoid the holiday rush. Besides, these items also make great presents for anything in between!

No need to splurge, we’ve got gift items under $50!

Opal Letter Charms - $34.99

Gift your loved ones something simple and personal with our Opal Letter Charms! Get them a necklace with their initials and remind them how you appreciate who they are.
You know what’s another great idea? Get several pendants and combine them on a chain! A letter charm to represent each member of the family, something you can give to moms and grandparents! Family trees are nice and this could be your personal modern take – a family letter chain memento!

Bermuda Triangle Loop Necklace - $34.99

No need to worry about getting lost at sea! This piece is inspired by the shape that signifies strength, balance, and equality.
Triangles are a representation of how the past, present, and future interconnect. Many of us lose our way but not everyone bounces back stronger. Make sure their strengths are appreciated with ourBermuda Triangle Loop Necklace, a way to remind them they have overcome life’s various challenges. This is a perfect gift for someone who believes that our past does not define who we are, but rather makes us better than who we used to be.
Think they deserve more? Mix and match with the adjustable Bermuda Triangle Ring or classic Studs for an ecstatic aura.

Dolphin Opal Necklace - $34.99

There's nothing more enjoyable than swimming in the ocean and feeling free like a playful dolphin! Know someone with the same spirit of freedom? Help them channel the enthusiasm of these beautiful creatures and allow them to bring that energy with them all the time!
You can also complete the set with the Dolphin Opal Bracelet & Dolphin Opal Earring, adding a pop of color to every outfit!

Beyond Infinity Necklace - $42

A simple way to say that your love and appreciation goes beyond time and space. The infinity sign is a common symbol known for empowerment and eternal love. It is a simple, yet powerful reminder that the world is a beautiful place and we can always make it a better world through what we can always create more of; love.
Looking for something more complete? We’ve got Infinity Bracelet, Infinity Ring, and Infinity Earrings to match!

Infinite Opal Heart Bangle - $48

Our Infinite Opal Heart Bangle sports the iconic infinity sign interlaced with a blue opal heart. This bangle makes a perfect gift, especially if you want to remind your loved ones of your overflowing love and gratitude.
Spreading love is always a joy and if you’re looking for gift items for your favorite lovebirds, check out our His & Hers Gifts: Gift Ideas for Couples blog!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know through our socials!


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