Top 5 Beach Destinations

Top 5 Beach Destinations
With the Economy slowing opening, lock downs and travel bans are being lifted. Many of us are excited to venture further than the backyard and grocery store. But, there are some of us still skeptical of how life will be, and that’s ok! Many things will take time to go back to normal, and If you’re unsure about traveling this summer, use the time to plan your next dream vacation!


1) Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

A world famous gem that is often forgotten. It’s soft, white sands and clear waters are a heavenly vision. Being a part of the Princess Alexandra National Park, with so many resorts and beautiful barrier reefs to scuba dive through, it’s a relaxing, luxurious adventure getaway.



2) U.S. Virgin Islands

“Americas Caribbean Paradise” offers a variety of beaches and activities that will appeal to all types of travelers.

Looking for a quiet spot to honeymoon away from the crowd, surrounded by nature? St. Johns is your sanctuary. Want to live in the lap of luxury, pampered with high end store fronts and mega-yachts? St. Thomas is waiting. Or are historical sights, a glass of rum and surfing with leather backs your style? The less visited St. Croix will keep you company.



3) Seychelles

Haven’t heard of this charming archipelago scattered in the Indian Ocean? May we make your acquaintance. Lined with pristine stripes of white powdery beaches, clear turquoise waters, and big Dino-boulders dotting the shores, you’ll wonder if you’re still on earth. In recent years, a few resorts have opened, and will provide the perfect pampered comfort during your barefoot beach vacation.




4) Palawan, Philippines

An amazingly bio-diverse, multi-island nation, there is no shortage of shoreline to explore in The Philippines. Beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, deep blue waters and a plethora of wildlife, Palawan Province Island has it all. So whether you came for a relaxing tan, a scuba diving adventure, or a wildlife trek with the Go Pro, be sure to keep Palawan at the top of your destination list.



5) Sicily, Italia

Of course we added some southern Mediterranean heat to the list! A coastline full of charming Italian villages, untouched rugged cliffs teeming with native plant growth, decadent dishes of pasta and pastries; an island filled with culture, nature, adventure, and fresh blue waters, Sicily is nothing short of a breathtaking, European dream.



We can't wait to visit the beautiful beaches all around the world! And we hope to see you there soon too!

-Michelle W


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