Top 3 Must sees in North Carolina

Top 3 Must sees in North Carolina

Grace Bell x Madison Ashley

North Carolina is an incredible place and since we’re going around the globe to find amazing beach destinations, what better way to find out the best places to see than hearing it from a true North Carolinan woman!? We asked one of our amazing and talented Madison Ashley girls, Grace, to share her top 3 favorite spots in her hometown

Here are the top 3 NC Coast MUST sees as told by Grace!

Cape lookout

“One of my favorite places in the whole world is cape lookout... When I was a kid my family went out to Cape Lookout to Camp on our boat overnight. We saw bioluminescence in the water and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! One day I hope to see it again! I also use sand from Cape Lookout in many of my pieces to create the beach, since it’s a piece of my hometown!

Fort Macon Beach



“Another great spot to check out, if you like to surf, is the Fort Macon beach/ trail access. The surf is really good and the views from the dunes are unbelievable!


“Last but not least, if you are ever on the NC coast you have to check out beaufort! It’s a perfect little town with great shops, restaurants, and views! One of my favorite projects of all time is a bar top I painted in blacksheep, a restaurant and bar on front street. It spans 40ftx3ft and is complemented with a view, not only of my waves, but of the beaufort waterfront!


Which place do you want us to feature next?

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