There's always a Silver Lining...

There's always a Silver Lining...

An inspiring story from one of our customer we thought we should share...

My state has just been placed under lockdown in an effort to contain COVID-19, and I'm sure there are a lot of people worried about their families out there. We've heard of fallen warriors, doctors that have died in the line of duty, and we see constant updates of the rising number of COVID cases. It's not comforting at all! This pandemic has brought about anxiety not just to me, but to my entire family all over the globe.

Our ”family vacation” chat has now turned into an ”update on COVID-19” group since we all had to cancel our flights to Asia for our much anticipated summer family get together. Conversation usually ends with ”keep safe, I love you” and a bunch of ”crazy” memes and inside jokes in between, but today the mood is somber.

My cousin Crystal has been placed under monitoring. She is now under investigation, awaiting the result of her COVID-19 test.

This is where the anxiety kicks in. She's a Geriatric Nurse, which means she's always been exposed to various diseases, but the scary thing now is she’s had contact with COVID-19 patients. It also doesn't help that she has asthma, which means she's at a higher risk! We're all hoping that her immune system can take care of her, because who wouldn't be worried?

Weeks ago, we were planning a family reunion, and now this? It’s crazy! I noticed she was wearing her MA necklace the last time we had a video call and it gave me calm. We had all received MA necklaces for Christmas and what made it special was we're all swimmers and beach lovers –mermaids at heart!

We talked about the last time we went to the beach and drank cocktails while watching the sunset, and we couldn't wait to do that again, but the virus broke out. We're still looking forward to our island escapade when all of this blows over; we deserve that break! I'm just glad she keeps the positivity with her all the time.

This girl, who should be worried about her life, reminding me to look on the bright side and stay positive despite this crisis. It's easy to get caught up in the noise of all the things that are going on around us, but as Crystal always tells me, try to find the silver lining in every situation. She's always been the optimist. That's what I love about her. And that necklace really did trigger some beautiful memories. It was nice.

With cities on lockdown, it's really hard to be optimistic. But here she is, laughing and telling stories despite being so tired from her shift.

I hope you are all safe and doing well right now. And I hope that none of your loved ones are ever put in a worrisome situation.

We can't wait for all of this to be over. To be able to hug our loved ones, or just go to the beach for a walk or swim without fear of our health.

Those who are able to hug their families and hold their children at night, please do. And those who are not with family or friends, hang in there. Let's hope that we can get out of this soon.

Focus on the good, and take this opportunity to reflect and be kind. No deed is too small, even if you're stuck in your room. I know you feel like you're in a cage right now but even if we're all stuck at home, there's always something you can do.

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