The Sweet Memory of Spring

The Sweet Memory of Spring

Do you know what I love about Spring? 

This may sound cliche but it’s definitely the scent of fresh flowers blooming in the garden, the birds singing in the morning, and waking up to the smell of freshly baked cherry pie my Nana always makes when we visit her on the weekends.

Do you know what’s sad about Spring this year? 

It’s not being able to visit her every weekend because of the lockdown. I’m missing out on her delicious home cooking and I’m starting to miss her hot cocoa and freshly made cheesecakes as we pick fresh herbs in her itty bitty garden. 

Nana loves cooking and spoiling her grandkids.

 I always walk into her home feeling ‘meh’ and walk out feeling lighter, refreshed, and 5 pounds heavier! Extra food, extra happy, and even extra little trinkets from time to time.

I’m glad we were able to visit her before the lockdown.

 My little ‘extra’ last visit was an MA Feather Pendant. She said it reminded her of how I used to collect feathers from her hen house as a child and how I’d stick them to my hair along with the flowers I picked from that same garden we now use as our chatting spot. She used to get mad at me for taking her flowers but she’d still play with me as I pretended to be an Indian princess.


Nana is a cool grandma.

She’s a techie and uses social media. I love being able to video chat with her every once in a while but I really do miss her. Nothing beats the feeling of carrying a piece of her with you all the time, which is why I wear that necklace every day. I love her. And I miss her so much.

Thanks, Madison Ashley. For giving us a sentimental piece to help us remember things by.







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