The Perfect Accessory for Every Type of Female Traveler

The Perfect Accessory for Every Type of Female Traveler

Cheers to all the strong and independent women out there! Cheers again if you’re a traveler and you love the beach and summer vibes as much as we do!

Listen up, ladies (and gentlemen)! Today we celebrate all women in every shape, color, and sizes. Whether you’re into fashion and makeup or something deemed “masculine” by society, we think you’re spectacular! And because all our jewelry are ocean-inspired, we came up with a list of accessories that are perfect for every woman traveler out there.

If you’re a woman and you’re feeling like a queen today, indulge yourself and make yourself feel extra special with our selection of beach-inspired jewelry that’s perfect for you! After all, today is all about you!

AND for all the real men reading this, if you’re here because you want to make your ocean-loving queen feel special, then this list will definitely help you pick out the perfect gift for that special female traveler in your life!

For the Adventurous Woman

Do you love hiking, mountain climbing, solo traveling, kiteboarding, surfing, bungee jumping, skydiving, and all sorts of activities that give you a rush of adrenaline? We hear you girl! We know that you want to live life to the fullest, conquer every obstacle, and try everything at least once. We’re here for it!

For the adventurous woman who lives for the rush, we recommend our St. Christopher Necklace!

Keep yourself safe from harm as you explore the world and test your limits. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, and is believed to protect and bless them through their endeavors.



For the Beach Buddy

Do you love relaxing by the beach, watching the palm trees sway as you lounge under the shade? Check out our Swaying Palm Tree set! It’s perfect for any woman who loves visiting tropical beaches, getting tan lines and just being in the sand!

There’s nothing more calming than feeling the ocean breeze as the trees gently dance and you’re there for it all.

For the Jungle Adventurer

If the salt life is not for you and you prefer being surrounded by forest greens, fresh water, and maybe even some jungle animals or tropical fishes then we’ve got just the piece for you!

Inspired by the tropical rainforest of the South American River Jungle, our Angelfish Set will truly celebrate your river-jungle adventurer self!

Now you can wear the silhouette of beautiful angel wings through one of the most mesmerizing fishes in the water!

For the Underwater Dweller

For the woman who practically lives under the sea! If you’re friends with Ariel’s or Nemo’s friends then you’re gonna love our Sea Star Turtle Necklace!

Now you can take your underwater friends with you anywhere you go, even if you’re not diving or snorkeling!

For the Mermaid at Heart

Speaking of Ariel, channel your inner mermaid with our Opal Tail Mermaid Necklace or if you want a fancier thingamabob, check out our Opal Mermaid Necklace too!

Mermaids do exist and we’ve got the necklace to prove it! If you’re a sea lover or an ocean adventurer, then you know that you can’t have an underwater world without some mesMERizing merpeople!

If your heart was meant for the sea and you’re into free diving or into mermaiding, then these mermaid items are definitely calling for you!

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Whatever type of woman -or mermaid- you are, always remember that you are fierce, strong, and you should let your fire burn brighter than your fears. We are all beautiful and magical for who we are so take control, rise up stronger, and live your life the way you want to.

And for every woman out there, let's all be the type of queen that fixes another woman’s crown.

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