Summer is Forever! …and why.

Summer is Forever! …and why.

Hey, everyone! Summer is officially here and we’re so glad that it's finally our time to shine! To many of us, summer has already begun. Beach trips, campouts, barbecues, and all the other summer adventures we love! While some, like Madison Ashley, still wait for the official start of summer before we celebrate. Wait, that’s not accurate because we celebrate summer all year round but you get what we mean. We LOVE the official start of summer!

We always say that summer is forever because, to us, and many of you, summer is when we’re happiest ever. It’s the time when the weather is forgiving despite sometimes feeling like there’s a heatwave –depending on which continent you’re in, summer feels like freedom!

Here are the Reasons Why We Passionately Believe that Summer is Forever.

Our memories are forever.

One of the reasons why Madison Ashley works hard to keep creating meaningful ocean-inspired designs is because we truly cherish the memories that you make by the beach. A lot of our own most beautiful and memorable moments were spent by the beach, traveling to summer destinations, and just enjoying the positivity that the ocean gives us.

This might be a cliche but as kids, one of our first fondest memories are usually picking up seashells or running around with your puppy by the shore, playing frisbee, and having picnics on the sand, or island hopping with the family. Your mom or dad probably has a photo of that laying around somewhere too. It’s those priceless moments that stay with you forever, therefore making summer last forever.

For example, our heart collection is inspired by the sentimental memories made by the beach. The items in this collection only have a hint of the ocean’s blue through a touch of blue Opal because we want it to highlight not just the beach but the moment you created there. It’s about that one time you took your mom to the beach for Mother’s Day, the one time you collected seashells for your grandma, or went fishing with your dad.

The sea creatures we will forget NEVER!

As children, our faces light up when we see a seahorse, angelfishor a jellyfish in an aquarium. The curiosity grows when we start learning about sharks and whales. And then when we’re finally able to swim on our own, our excitement takes over watching dolphins jumping out of the water or swimming with sea turtles and manta rays during one of our travels.

As adults, we find the simple joy in seeing a sand dollar or a sea star lying peacefully on the shore and just watching the sunset as we sit in a moment of gratitude for the amazing life we’ve had alongside the beach, our favorite place to be.

It’s those moments that inspire our ocean collection. Aside from how majestic sea creatures are, we want to give you a way to preserve the memory of those special moments with your favorite sea animals without taking them out of the water. Because sea creatures, deserve to live in our beautiful world, forever.

The stories we create together.

Many of us enjoy traveling to beach destinations especially during summer. It doesn’t matter if you like escaping to tropical destinations to avoid the cold during winter or if you’re an adventurer who loves hopping from one continent and ocean to another; each of your travels allows you to write another page in your life’s story. A story that you will share with your family, friends and one day, will be shared with future generations. And even when you’re long gone, these people, the people you love, will still share your stories. They will talk about the amazing life you’ve lived and the memories you created in your travels and together.

Remember the last time you went on a family outing and you lost your FlipFlops to the waves? How about the time you went swimming with pigs in the Bahamas or spent an entire summer surfing in Hawaii? Your memory will not always be as clear as day but you will always remember how they made you feel.

This is what our tropical collection is all about. It puts value on the things that make us human; our stories and the times we choose to live in the moment. Because that is worth cherishing forever.

These are some of the reasons why we say that Summer is Forever.

It’s about the picturesque view and refreshing feeling you get on the beach, it’s about your loved ones — your precious memories with them and the moments you’ve spent together. It’s about stories that are meant to last forever.

This is what Madison Ashley is all about. A piece of your story, a piece for the heart.



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