Say ”I Love You” without using words!

Say ”I Love You” without using words!

Let Madison Ashley be the reason you're not stuck in monotony. Spice up your routine with activities that will remind you of your favorite ocean adventure together!


Whether you’re into beaches or something more extreme, now is the best time to start planning your next adventure. Going to your favorite tropical island destination takes a lot of time and effort. Why not do it together and make sure that you’re both putting in things that you would absolutely love to experience?

You don’t have to book your tickets now. You don’t even have to select the dates. You just have to work together in creating the ultimate after pandemic beach adventure! Who knows? You just might discover something new about each other too!

CAMP OUT (Backyard or Indoor Style)

We know this sounds crazy and it might seem like it’s child’s play but why not let your inner child out? Not everyone can camp at the beach or by the lake or at the mountains right now but you can surely recreate that vibe in the comfort of your home!

Unpack your tents, roll out your sleeping bags, and if you’re really gonna get into it, have a bonfire and a nice barbecue dinner together. You can even set up your collapsible pool and take a dip with champagne or wine. It’s not an infinity pool nor a tropical beach vacation but it will definitely remind you of your favorite night at the beach during one of your most memorable trips together. 


There's a difference between loving sea animals and loving seafood. This sounds odd but you can actually be both! One of the best parts of being in a tropical getaway is having fresh seafood cooked to perfection!

Recreate this feeling by cooking your favorite seafood meals. You may not be eating them under the moonlight by the beach but having a seafood meal is always meant for a special occasion. Baked lobsters, anyone? 


Nothing brings back old memories like photos in an album. The digital age has slowly taken us away from physical copies of our photos but there’s something special about having prints to keep.

Why not get your favorite snapshots printed and put together a scrapbook or photo album? You can even approach this the modern way by creating the actual layouts on editing software and getting them printed like a magazine!

How does this become a bonding experience? Well, you get to look down memory lane and choose your favorite photos together. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Celebrate with ocean-inspired blue opal jewelry!

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To celebrate this day, we also came up with ocean-inspired blue opal pairs for him and her. Whether you're into twinning or you'd rather match while still being different, check out our fun yet sweet pairs on our His & Hers Gifts: Gift Ideas for Couples blog!

Which activity would you probably go for? 

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