Say “I Love you” by using the 5 Love Language

Say “I Love you” by using the 5 Love Language

February is the month of love! It’s the time of the year where we’re allowed to be extra sweet and cheesy because let’s face it, real love is always sentimental.

Valentine’s Day is about showing your significant other that you really value him or her! To some people, expressing their affection is not always easy and sadly, this is why some relationships fail.

People perceive love in different ways which is why it’s important to pay attention to the kind of love language your partner accepts as your expression of love.

Did you know that there are 5 different love languages you can use to express your love and commitment? Allow us to explain.

Words of Affirmation

The most common and simplest way to express your love is through words. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I love you” whenever you get the chance, but there are more ways to tell them that you love them.

Try giving compliments or sending them sweet notes. You can also talk about how you appreciate what they do, their success, and their work. A simple thank you for a home cooked meal and a simple heartfelt letter on special days will definitely make them feel happy and loved.

Receiving Gifts

Some people want gold rings or stuffed toys, others just want simple trinkets like jewelry that symbolizes feelings, moments, and experiences spent with them. And it’s not enough to give any item you find in the store, those are the worst! They have to know that you’re not giving them gifts out of duty, it has to be something meaningful and intentional.

For example, if your husband loves fishing, why not give him a Hook Necklace to show him you know what he likes? How about getting a Dolphin Heart Necklace for your wife to remind her of how much you treasure your first cruise with her when you saw dolphins jumping off the water? Or, if you want to be extra sweet, you can also get matching couples necklaces that you can both wear!

Quality Time

It’s easy to get distracted with technology, social media, and so many things going on around us these days but do your best to avoid being distracted when you’re with your significant other. Put away your phone and give your partner some well deserved uninterrupted time, just having deep and meaningful conversations with them. Be physically and mentally present as you create beautiful moments together.

Acts of Service

Simple gestures that show that you’re paying attention to their needs by making sure you’re there to help make things easier for them is an act of service. There’s nothing wrong with doing things to “serve” your partner no matter what your friends say. It comes from kindness, care and respect.

Surprise dinners and date nights are the best, doing everyday things like following through with what you say, or helping your partner with tasks without them having to ask is always a nice thing to do. Doing chores like the dishes, cleaning the house, serving breakfast in bed, or buying coffee for them when you’re almost out are also good examples of showing your love through acts of service.

Physical Touch

We’re not talking about cupping a feel, we’re talking about offering back rubs and massages, holding their hands, hugging or putting your arms around them, and a non-sexual touch that reminds them that you’re there and you’re paying attention to them. These gestures should always stay, regardless of how long you’ve been together.

Which of the 5 love languages is your favorite? Let us know! We’d love to hear your story.



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