Reasons why I love the beach life

Reasons why I love the beach life

You’re probably wondering why we’re writing about the “beach life” in December, right? If you’re new here, let us answer that question right away. As a brand, Madison Ashley loves summer and everything about it! This is why our designs are inspired by the ocean, the beach, and just about anything related to it. Oh, and let’s not forget how we have dedicated ourselves to help the ocean and marine life.

We always talk about how we love the beach but it’s not always going to be about us. Remember, our jewelry is about YOU and YOUR stories. This is why we’re sharing stories of amazing people who love the ocean as much as we do.

A lot of us “beach-heads” dream of sinking our toes in the sand, having a good time, and experiencing the summer feeling all year long! Yes, including Christmas! So, as the season of reminiscing dawns upon us, we hope that these simple stories remind you of your beautiful moments spent by the beach.

Kiana Raphael

“I love living in Hawai’i because if I’m bored I can just go to the beach. I don’t have to spend money or be stuck inside to enjoy a nice day. Plus the beach is therapy for me, swimming, tanning, whatever it is if I’m by the beach I’m happy- that’s the main reason I moved here too! Here on Oahu, summer is pretty much year round. That being said, it gives me the sense of happiness & peace that there’s always sunny days. The winter depresses me unless it’s Christmas so always chasing the last bit of light as we swim at the beach has been the best game to play with the sun!”


“I was born and raised in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. It’s in my blood! I love everything on the water. That’s why I always thought I was a mermaid growing up. Summer is my life! Before my daughter I chased Summer. Always looking for warm weather and new beaches. I grew up surfing, fishing and boating.

Brittanie Hervas

“The beach or island life allows me to feel both rejuvenated and relaxed! The beach grounds me and connects me to my deepest self. My favorite thing to do is walk the beach and collect seashells and sharks teeth. There’s nothing like watching blue waves kiss a sandy shore! I like to think of Summer as a lifestyle. We associate Summer with vibrance and positivity. I openly welcome these vibes into my life and I manifest them in everything I do.”

Brandi Bunce

”The beach is my happy place. When I am traveling, I also find myself back at the beach. It fills my soul with happiness. Summer is a lifestyle. I love the sun and summertime vibes. People have let loose a little more, windows down singing out the window! I love good vibes and summer brings that energy for me.”

Anyone who loves the beach knows that summer is forever. We believe that summer is not just a season, but a lifestyle.

While it may seem odd that we’re writing about summer in December, to us, the essence of Christmas is similar to the essence of the beach life. It is when people come to be with family or friends, having a feast and enjoying each other’s company. It is when people sing songs as they stay warm around an open fire. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend Christmas on an island as we make new memories with the people we love?

We’d love to hear about your stories! Send them to our socials!

As always, stay safe and salty!


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