Plant a seed of Earth love and appreciation!

Plant a seed of Earth love and appreciation!

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the day we make an effort to understand the fragility of our planet. It is also an opportunity to show our love and appreciation for mother nature and all the gifts that it brings us by taking action on how to aid it.

The best thing you can do to honor the holiday is to make eco-friendly choices and add to your eco-consciousness. Coastal clean-ups and joining tree-planting drives aren't exactly viable options this year so just focus on yourself and your life choices.

Get something nice for yourself or your loved ones, something to remember your memories by. Choose something natural or long-lasting instead of plastics.

Take up a new hobby like natural yoga. Meditate while offering gratitude to the earth. Plant edibles to enjoy the fresh, organic products while your plants give off oxygen and reduce carbon emissions. Unplug from the world by turning off the lights and appliances more often, and more importantly, spread the word!

Let more people know about Earth Day and your contributions to help reduce environmental damage. You can also let your appreciation for nature be known by wearing a little trinket as a tribute to mother nature and the earth.


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