Peace on earth and all the living creatures!

Peace on earth and all the living creatures!

Today might be about freedom and peace within and among all people and nations but what about the other creatures that live with us on this planet? The only way to solve Human Problems is through transforming our attitudes as humans because all the other creatures are also affected by the problems that we humans have caused. It is only right to make peace with these creatures. After all, the only way to achieve the ideal state of happiness is if all the creatures we live with are happy and at peace too.

As a brand connected to the ocean, Madison Ashley’s commitment is to help take care of the seas and all marine animals which is why we believe that we should also spread peace not just to one another but also to the ocean and all its creatures. For example, sea turtles are the most peaceful creatures of the marine world and they are also one of the most affected animals due to human problems like pollution, poaching and consumerism.

Spreading peace to humans alone is not enough. We must all work together to bring peace and joy to other creatures living with us too. Make today count. Each purchase of our turtle inspired items helps save turtles and other marine animals. 10% is donated to the following ocean and marine life conservation.

Gulf World Marine Institute

An organization dedicated to sea turtle and marine mammal rescue, rehabilitation, and release. They respond to sea turtles that strand throughout a large section of the Florida Panhandle, and also receive turtles from other regions if their facilities need assistance.

“Inspired by the sea to help save the seas.”

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