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Our top 6 favorite Ocean-inspired Blue Opal pieces

July 31, 2020

What's up, ocean-lovers!

Before the month of curiosity and high-spirits end, we're giving you a list of our Top 6 favorite blue opal pieces and why!

Madison Ashley turned 3 this month and because those born in July are known to value family, we've asked some of the girls from our family, the MA team,

”Which one is your favorite MA piece and why?”

Team MA is made up of a diverse group of amazing men and women, all unique and definitely special. Here's also your chance to get to know some of the people who work behind the scenes!

Full Opal Flip Flop pendant

For hardworking mamas! Fierce but always loving.

Teena is a busy mama of 3 (4 if you include the husband. LOL) who has to be on her toes all day. If you're a busy mama too, then you'll know why putting on your flip flops after a busy day is one of the best feelings ever! Okay, we always get people saying it reminds them of the chance (flip flops) but to moms, flip flops represent comfort and home especially after a busy day at work and at home. And when she's done being a hard-working mama, she's busy being pretty like the star of the sea! 

Paradise Wave Necklace

For simplicity and elegance. The embodiment of class.

This piece is perfect for the woman who is the epitome of simplicity and elegance. If her style is modern, minimalist and definitely posh, this item is best for her. Take it from Kat, a lady who can be described as such.

Paradise Wave Necklace (too!)

For a plain white-shirt kind of gal! Your go-to, reliable piece.

Here’s another way to see the Paradise Blue Wave Necklace; an energetic yet simple and classy woman. Avah’s energy is just like the waves, sometimes calm but is very high when inspired! She's typically quiet, a good listener at that. But watch her stir things up when it's her time to shine! If your lady is like the waves, strong and vigorous when fueled by passion and inspired, having the Paradise Blue Wave Necklace is definitely a win!

Paradise Wave Necklace (three!)

For a ‘legit’ beach vibe! Embody the energy of the waves and get blown away.

Via is like a jellyfish that goes with the flow but has very strong intuition. If your lady can go with the flow AND also be the flow just like the waves meeting the shore, then you can also gift her the Paradise Blue Wave Necklace.

Paradise Blue Wave Anklet

For the sentimental memory keeper. A great way to reconnect.

Simple, gentle, genuine, and sweet - just like Cris! Not everyone prefers the limelight and yes, some people prefer to keep it toned down. But that doesn't mean they don't like to sparkle and shine from time to time. This piece is perfect for the bubbly sweetheart who stands out without being too loud. If your lady has a similar vibe, then this piece will definitely make her heart melt.

Island Breeze Pendant

For the island girl at heart! An outgoing vibe with a happy heart.

Energetic, self-driven, and always curious. Can we get some love for independent women here? Very eager and very reliable. Have you noticed how islanders have a laid back yet high-spirited vibe? If your woman is also fun-loving, energetic, always dependable, and adores the island life then this piece is definitely the perfect gift for her!

Midnight Ocean Galaxy Ring

For the paradox. Vibrant energy with a mysterious soul.

This piece is perfect for the nocturnal and the deep thinker. Many of whom are like night owls, wise and more alive at night –shining like the stars and always sparkling despite the darkness of the universe. If you know someone who is fascinated with the meaning of life and the forces of the universe, this piece is definitely for her.

Sea Turtle Necklace

For the gentle soul. Realize the value of time and being in the moment.

Nica is the type of woman who likes to take things slow and enjoy living at the moment. If your woman is just like Nica, wise beyond her years, always focused and calm, and gives off a lovely zenful vibe, she’ll love this necklace too!

There you have it! That's some of the Madison Ashley family’s favorite pieces. We hope you resonate with some of them because, at some point, we can all relate to similar things, just different life experiences.

Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear about your story.

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