Our Top 5 Favorite Springtime Activities

Our Top 5 Favorite Springtime Activities

Are you looking forward to spring?

Well, let us tell you, here at Madison Ashley, we sure are! We love the warmer weather and we’ve been looking for an opportunity to go to the beach ever since winter started. Summer will always be our forever love but we’re always excited for springtime too!

The fields begin to bloom, the snow starts to melt, and nature begins to turn into a frenzy of colors! We can’t wait to get out of our sweaters and enjoy the warmer weather and we’re planning our springtime activities sooner rather than later!

Although we don’t recommend gathering with the entire gang just yet, we do believe that spending quality time with your family is very important. Things may still be different from the previous years –at least before 2020, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy the season.

Here’s our top 5 favorite springtime activities!

Backyard Barbecue

Fire up the grill! Yes. We love ourselves some backyard barbecue! It’s the closest we can get to the summer vibes when the beach isn’t accessible. We can finally enjoy some steaks and burgers with the family. Backyard barbecues are the perfect way to warm up especially after the cold season. It’s warm, it’s fun, it fills your stomach and creates new memories with your family. What better way to soak up some sun than a good old backyard barbecue?

Beach Travel

We’re not so sure about spring break this year but you can always go to the beach with your family for a break! It’s perfect for people who want to breathe some fresh air and just walk by the shore and search for shells AND it’s also perfect for the kids who enjoy biking, swimming , or just playing in the sand! You’ll find beautiful beaches up and down the East and West coasts. From Maine to Florida, there’s hundreds of options! We don’t recommend throwing a huge beach event or anything like that. Safety first! So if you can avoid the common beach destinations by choosing a beach away from the crowd, then you’re all good.

Make sure to follow the protocols to keep you and your family safe. Besides, you don’t want to end up fighting with a stranger just for a place to lay down your beach blanket anyway, right?

You know what would be so much fun? Wearing jewelry to represent your love of the beach!

Picnic at the Park

Pack your picnic baskets with your favorite springtime snacks! It’s time to start doing something outdoorsy after months of hibernation on your couch.

Seek out the first snowdrops and other spring flowers. Fly a kite, play softball, or ride a bike. These are the perfect bonding activities for the entire family while getting some fresh air. After months of getting glued to your screens, stretching those muscles will do you a lot of good! Don’t forget to bring your family’s favorite drinks so you can keep hydrated!

Sailing or Fishing...or Sailing and Fishing!

Spring is a good time to start sailing to the sea! Whether you’re taking out your yacht to party with your family or renting out a boat to go fishing, you can have so much fun just being out in the water! Think about it, being out in the open water, feeling the waves as your boat rides them, seeing the endless blues being in the middle of the water, jumping into the cool water whenever you want to, and reeling in a big one for dinner... it just feels like a wonderful vacation, right? It’s even better when you get to gaze at the stars and stare in awe of the bright silver moon in the night sky.

Going to the Marina

Not everyone has the liberty of sailing to the sea or relaxing in a yacht but if you’re looking for a place just to enjoy the sunset, smell the ocean, and drink some champagne, then you can definitely relate to this!

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a meal by the marina, watching boats and yachts come and go, and just enjoying the breeze as you savor the moment. It’s even better when you’re with your significant other, or maybe even with the kids!

What other springtime activities are you looking forward to? Share your story with us!



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