Our love for the beach

Our love for the beach

Our love for the beach goes as far as the oceans, it's so huge and never ending. The waves may bring us to shore but we enjoy the beach and then venture out into the ocean again. Today, we're so excited to celebrate National Beach Day and we hope you're celebrating it safely too!

We've written A LOT of blogs about the beach and we think they're worth a visit. Why? Because we've already given you the Top 6 Reasons Why Going to the Beach Can Relieve Stress so allow us to share with you our most favorite pieces about the beach!

6 Budget-friendly Beaches in Florida

Madison Ashley believes that creating beautiful memories with your loved ones does not need to be expensive, especially when we're talking about sunny Florida! We are always inspired by the waves, the beaches, and just about anything ocean-related so “salt and sand” is the epitome of our happy place.

If you can't wait to get away and spend some time soaking in the sun and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, we came up with a list of budget-friendly beaches in Florida for you and your family to enjoy!

5 Best Beaches to Visit in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect place to visit Mexico and it’s beaches if you’re looking to indulge yourself with their culture and celebration. And these beaches are perfect day trips for when you’re not joining the usual festivities —well, given the pandemic, we’re certain it’s not the same but these beaches are nice to visit either way.

Top 4 Reason why Key West Florida is Perfect as Your Next Tropical Destination

It's time to finally get in your FlipFlops and beachwear so we thought we’d help you look for your next beach destination! Sure, going to Maldives or anywhere in the Bahamas sounds so amazing but we’re not exactly “free-to-travel” anywhere on the world stage yet! Let’s talk about a beach destination that’s a bit closer to home; Key West Florida!

Top 8 Romantic Beach Destinations to visit in 2021

We all love a good romantic getaway with our significant other, especially when things are rough. Sometimes, it only takes a trip to a tropical destination to refresh our minds, keep our relationship burning, and renew our senses.

With all the vacations that got cancelled last year, we think that we deserve some alone time with our significant other just to break away from the stressful world, right? Yes we do, but please do it safely!

If you had a chance to live on an island of your choice, where would you go?

It's the last days of summer, baby!

We're so glad that things are finally starting to feel normal and we can finally kick away the lockdown blues but we're so sad that summer is about to go too! While we still think that anyone who wants to get on a plane and go on a vacation should be safe and follow the protocols that are in place, we know that everyone deserves to have an amazing beach trip to their favorite fabulous destinations!

Looking for vacation ideas? Let these ladies inspire you! We decided to ask some of our beach lovin’ ladies where they’d go if they could spend a week on an island of their choice! We’ve gotten such wonderful answers that we think this should be called the “Top 5 Dream Island Destination (and an extra)” for island girls at heart! Here are some interesting answers.

Got any favorites? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us via socials and let us know!


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