Our favorite Christmas Tradition

Our favorite Christmas Tradition

Aside from putting up lights, hanging stockings, and decorating your tree, what other holiday traditions do you remember from your childhood? Are you a family that goes sledding and makes snow angels, or a family that escapes to tropical destinations to get away from the cold? Whatever it is, we’re sure it involves something you and your family do every year and this is exactly what makes the holidays extra special.

The holidays bring about so many good memories dating back from your childhood, and even though Christmas feels different this year, there are so many ways to make this season full of joy, love and fun! Who knows? You might come up with a new family tradition!

We put together a list of our favorite Christmas Traditions and it might give you a few ideas for your family! You can add your own personal twists and start doing them for your yearly celebration!

Christmas Feast!

We know that everyone is here for the food so of course it’s first on our list! Everyone puts delicious dishes on the table to celebrate new beginnings but what kind of food do you serve? Here are some things you can do that revolve around food.

Learning a family recipe and serving it for Christmas

If you’re a family that loves food then your parents, grandparents and other relatives may have recipes that have been in the family for generations. They’re probably your favorite Christmas dish, too! Why not learn how to cook them and add it to your traditional Christmas dinner?

Christmas mash up casserole

If you have kids, are you brave enough to let them choose all the ingredients (no matter how crazy) and put them all together to create an entirely new dish? This could either be fun or scary, but it allows them to use their imagination and gets them to help in the kitchen.

Bringing hot meals to a shelter

It’s the season of giving, so if you have a little more to give, you can spread the holiday love through warm meals for people who are less fortunate. You can even ask your family to pitch in and use it as a way to teach the young ones how to give back.

Dress up! (Or down)

For every special event, we get excited to put together an outfit to go with it. Some of us just love trying out clothes as a way to express our creativity or simply how we feel.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This is pretty common but we just love how it allows you to get goofy! Have a little laugh with the family and forget about dressing to impress. After all, it’s about getting together with those whom you can laugh and be silly with.

Matching Jammies

As kids, we’ve had matching clothes with our siblings or best friends. Why not do it with the entire family and get in your family jammies? It can be funny or regal, the choice is yours. And when all else fails, how about a DIY?

DIY Christmas Wear

Time to get crafty! If you have kids, this can be fun for them, too! Whether you want to decorate sweaters, jammies, scarfs or shirts, this is a great bonding opportunity and a chance to be creative and interactive with the entire family. It doesn’t matter if you’re not crafty, as long as you are having fun!

Christmas Game Night

It’s not just about the gifts and the food, it’s also about the fun!

Take a trip back to your childhood!

We’re sure you have a game that you absolutely loved as a kid. Why not relive those childhood memories and have a lot of fun? You can even introduce it to your kids and show them what fun meant to you as a child.

Create a New Family Game

Not a fan of something old? How about making up a game for your family? It can be a crazy Christmas Hunt or something inspired by an existing game. What matters is you make it your own and your family gets to have a fun time together.

In with the new

How young is your inner child? Do you want to get in with the new? There are so many trends that the younger ones are getting into. Are you bold enough to try what “the kids” are into these days? What if the game was to try out new fads? A Tik Tok dance challenge? Who knows, you just might find it fun! Or... what if you teach the new generation how it’s done back in the day? Do we see a Cabbage Patch or Macarena coming up?

There are so many more fun things you can do to make the holiday memorable and fun. Gifts are nice but the experience is even more amazing. And with these activities, you’ll have stories to tell for years! —Even if they don’t all go quite as planned.

We hope you and your family enjoy the holidays. Have a Madison Ashley Christmas!

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Let us know! 

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