Opals; birthstones for October!

Opals; birthstones for October!

Hello there to my fellow Octo-Births! Happy birthday month!

Allow me to talk about my birthstone, the OPAL! Why? Because Madison Ashley is all about the opals and I’d like to take this opportunity to spread some opal love!

Alright, I know that Opals are just secondary birthstones next to Tourmalines but they can be really hard to find! Luckily, opals are abundant and they come in a rainbow of colors, sometimes even together!

Let’s start off with Scorpios.

Hello to my fellow Scorpios out there!

As a Scorpio, our zodiac is always described as mysterious, artistic, and seductive. A dangerous creature with a poisonous sting, right? This astrological sign is strongly connected to desire (queue in Lucifer Morningstar’s “What is it you truly desire?”). Guess what? Our birthstone, Opals, have a strong connection with desire and mystery too!

Opals are considered as seductive stones but did you know that they help maintain balance in love and passion? Wearing a piece of opal jewelry, in general, can help calm your energy and spiritual healing. This works for everyone but more so for Scorpios because it offers support during intense situations —which Scorpios are prone to. It also attracts loyalty, something we truly value, and faithfulness, something we yearn for.

But what about Libras?

Libras value relationships just like Scorpios do. I know this because my partner is a Libra. Yikes! Total opposites, right? Oh yes, you have no idea!

Although Scorpios and Libras are worlds apart, these neighboring signs have a few similarities such as their artistic nature and value for love and passion.

One of the main differences is that Libras find balance in compromising as we can be more assertive. Libras prefer to keep the peace and keep things in perspective. They are kind, cheerful and very optimistic —all energies that the opal attracts.

Why wear Blue Opals?

Opals are unique and beautiful gemstones that bring about good health, love, creativity and wealth. It also helps calm your energy and bring passion and happiness to the wearer.

Blue Opal is also known to give courage to its owner. It repels negative energies such as anxiety and fear, and has a soothing effect to the wearer. Blue Opals allow you to speak your mind. It also protects you from evil eye, and has healing properties both physically and spiritually.

To be honest, I’m not what you would call a woman who loves to accessorize. My accessory is usually my hair. All the crazy hairstyles and colors I experiment with. But I do believe in the energy of the universe and if the Opals can help boost positivity and creativity, I’m in!

Not so sure about getting a Madison Ashley blue opal jewelry? If you’re someone like me, a mermaid at heart, who loves the beach and fabulous tropical destinations, if you have a lot of good memories related to the beach, if you simply love sea creatures and all things summery, I say go for it! If you know someone who’s celebrating their birthday this month and they checked out on the things I mentioned above, I say give them blue opal jewelry as a gift. After all, it’s their birth month so why not?

Don’t know what to get your October celebrant? Check out our Black Friday Gift Guide and you just might find something you like!



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