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My favorite memory...

July 26, 2020

It is no secret that Madison Ashley values memories and the moments you spend with your loved ones. But imagine this, what if all your memories got erased and you get to keep only one, what would that memory be?

A lot of us fail to see the value of the moments we spend with our loved ones while others are very sentimental. Regardless of which one you are, we don’t judge! That’s just how people are.

But what if you wake up one day and you can't remember anything and the key to unlocking those memories are everyday things that you carry?

Wouldn’t it be nice to reconnect with those beautiful feelings just by seeing something that's sort of like a memento?

Our pieces are mostly ocean-inspired but your memories don’t always have to be. It can be what they represent and what they mean to you or your loved ones.

Someone free-spirited can have a Dolphin for a spirit animal without ever swimming with them in the ocean.

Someone wise and purposeful can be seen as a Manta Ray soaring through the calm blue ocean.

Someone who has a Hawaiian heritage can receive a Fish Hook Necklace because of their ancient Hawaiian belief.

What we're saying is, you’ll never know how long you’ll be able to keep your memories vivid. Even photographs fade and our time is limited. Why not put a value on the things that make us human? Carry something that represents you, your loved ones, and your precious memories to remind you of them and the moments you’ve spent. Your memory will not always be as clear as day but you will always remember how they made you feel.

What sentimental item have you given your loved ones? And what’s stopping you from gifting something of emotional value to them?

We’d love to hear your stories! Hit us up on our socials!

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