Moments of LOVE by the ocean.

Moments of LOVE by the ocean.

Oh, love! What a beautiful thing!

Today is an amazing day to celebrate LOVE and the beautiful relationship you’ve built with your significant other. We just love hearing your beautiful stories, especially if they were spent by the sea! To us, we feel like it’s more romantic when you’re spending quality time in a beautiful place, watching the sunset as you listen to the waves.

A lot of the people who love our jewelry are those who can connect their most favorite moments by the beach, or anything related to the ocean. So, because today is Valentine’s Day, we are sharing a few of your most treasured moments with your significant other.

Katie Toth

My favorite memory with my husband is the day we got married! The ocean is a huge part of both of our lives and a shared love that connected us. So we decided to get married on the beach in Costa Rica! It was the most special day that was so true to our souls. We got to give our lives to each other forever in the most happy place in the world I can think of and I’m so grateful for that.

“Pura Vida.” This is another reason I love Madison Ashley jewelry. It resembles love and happiness. It resembles nature and the beauty of our beautiful earth. Thankful for this company and what they symbolize 🌊🧜🏼‍

Lisa Asplund 

It is difficult to choose just one favorite memory at the beach with my husband, but my favorite memories are always when we have wildlife encounters. I love when we are swimming and a manatee floats by us, when we are paddleboarding and a dolphin swims near, or when we are snorkeling watching the crabs and stingrays. The water is always a clear blue-green on those days, just like the colors of my Madison Ashley jewelry. Whenever I put on my jewelry it brings me back to all of my fondest beach memories with my husband no matter where I am.

Jennifer Klein

My best memories are at the beach, but my most romantic memory is my wedding. Even though we were married 2 weeks after 9/11 and most of our families couldn’t come, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was us at sunset, barefoot walking down that aisle. The most perfect wedding and it was just the two of us.

My Madison Ashley Wave necklace reminds me of that very day of how love was united 20 years ago, and every time I wear it, I think of how special the beach is to me.

Aleah Myers

For years, learning to surf has been at the top of me and my husband's bucket list, and a few months ago, we relocated to O'ahu, Hawai'i. We live steps from the famous Waikiki Beach, so within a week of moving, we decided it was the perfect time to cross our surfing adventure off of our list. We've been strapping ourselves to snow boards for years, so we thought we'd be naturals, but oh were we wrong! On our first attempt to surf, we paddled out into Waikiki's waves on our rental boards for hours trying over and over to catch a wave and get our balance. Spoiler alert: we didn’t catch any waves that day! But we did learn how to properly fall off of our boards, and we shared a whole lot of laughs! It is not often that we are able to learn a new skill together - and be equally bad at it!

This experience turned into one of my favorite memories that we made since being here, and to commemorate it, I gave my husband (and myself) a matching set of Madison Ashley's surfboard necklaces. Now, every time we wear them, we are reminded of how much fun we have trying new things together. It’s as though we are wearing some of our memories, as well as a piece of each other - which makes our necklaces all the more special.

We really enjoy hearing about love!

Simple, sweet, and most definitely special. We are always inspired by these beautiful moments by the beach, the ocean, and anywhere at sea. So we want you to create more of these beautiful memories with your loved ones, especially on special days like today.

Celebrate love anywhere you go!

Create moments, make a lot of memories, and most of all, take a piece for the heart anywhere you go.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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