Mermaid At Heart Gift Guide

Mermaid At Heart Gift Guide

To all our underwater friends, 

It’s oFISHal, today we celebrate the best underwater day ever!

Madison Ashley is inspired by all the magical sea creatures –fictional or not– and that includes merpeople! We thought it would be nice to create a mermaid-approved list of gift items for all our aMERzing underwater enthusiasts out there!

Aside from our Opal Mermaid Necklace and Opal Tail Mermaid Necklace, we have other mermaid worthy products that are perfect for our mermaids at heart!

We’re sharing our Mermaid At Heart Gift Guide with an proFISHonal mermaid stamp of approval because we believe that being true to your unique self is the best way to spread your mermaid magic and having a piece of the ocean with you makes it a little extra.

We asked Abbey of Mermaid Vlogs for her top picks for everyday mermaid thingamabobs and here’s what she came up with!

Manta Ray Necklace

Manta Rays are one of my favorite sea creatures! They are graceful and elegant and make the MERfect gift for any ocean loving mermaid.

Paradise Blue Wave Necklace

This is for everyday mermaids out there who want to sport their mermaid life daily! It’s the perfect subtle hint that you are “one with the sea” even when you’re not wearing your tail!

Paradise Blue Wave Ring

The Paradise Blue Wave Ring is another subtle hint of your underwater life. Wear it with or without your tail, it says “IM A MERMAID!”

You can also wear it with the Paradise Blue Wave Necklace to complete the look!

Blue Opal Sand Dollar Earrings

Blue Opal Sand Dollars are so fun and they go with everything! Dress them up with a mermaid crown and glam makeup or casually sport your mermaid style while running errands. So versatile!

Paradise Blue Wave Cuff

The Paradise Blue Wave Cuff is great for beach hangs! It’s classic and it gives off a true mermaid vibe.

Have you found the perfect everyday mermaid accessory that represents your personality yet? Let us know through our socials! And don’t forget to join our Facebook Group for EXCLUSIVE deals and discounts!

For more mermaid magic, check out Everyday Mermaid on Instagram and YouTube!


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