Madison Ashley’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Madison Ashley’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

So, we’re already halfway through January and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Wait, what? Already? But the new year just came in?! Yes, we know! Time flies but that doesn’t mean we have to let Valentine’s Day pass us by. Aside from planning a date at one of the top Romantic Beach Destinations, did you already get something nice for your significant other?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our loved ones that we care about them. Show your partner that you’re always thinking of him or her by gifting something meaningful. Giving gifts solely out of duty is terrible but when you gift your partner something that represents your good memories, you’re saying that you genuinely value the time you’ve spent together. When you give your partner something that symbolizes a place that they truly love, you’re saying that you pay attention and you are making an effort to really get to know them.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for HER:

For the woman who loves the sea!

There are so many touching moments spent by the beach and if she’s an ocean loving kinda lady, it’s only right to give her something that commemorates these moments by the sea.

Madison Ashley Wave Set

Dolphin Opal Heart Set

Beating Double Heart Necklace

Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM:

For men who enjoy ocean adventures!

There’s not a lot of ocean inspired jewelry for men out there so you could say that this is a unique gift that represents his love of the ocean. Remember the adventures by the sea through jewelry that will bring him glee.

Vintage Sea Turtle

Prize Tuna Necklace

Opal Inlayed Surfboard Necklace

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Match (His & Hers)

For the couple who swim together, dive together, and explore the seas together.

There’s no better way to give tribute to your love and your passion for travel or beaches — and anything related to it— than jewelry that tells a piece of your story. It’s even better when it’s something that pleases the both of you, and you can wear them to match!

Anchor Necklace

Vintage Sea Turtle Necklace + Sea Turtle Necklace

Fish Hook Necklace

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Date by the ocean? We’d love to hear your story!


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