Let the sea set you free

Let the sea set you free

I go to the beach when I need to unwind and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Okay, here’s a question: Have you ever been in a cold bubble where things can’t seem to go right? It’s like the universe has conspired to mess with you and one bad thing happens after another.

Let me paint you a picture: Your child is throwing tantrums, your husband is getting on your nerves almost every single day, the bills are coming, you lose focus and start messing up at work (and get called out by your boss), and you just have so many things to do! It’s stressful, it never ends, I know! Makes me want to celebrate the international moment of frustration day where you scream for 30 seconds and let it all out.

Sadly, this is the story of thousands of women out there. Sometimes, you just want to disappear and get away from it all, even just for a day, right?

My comfort place is the beach - cliché, right? My family used to live a walk away from the beach. As a child, my mom would carry me to the shore every morning before I went to school. In my rebellious teenage years, I would take a few hours to disappear from the world and just commute to the nearest beach to think and reset. I love listening to the waves. I love watching them come closer and move further away. It’s almost therapeutic.

I find peace in the water. I even have my secret spot on the beach. I used to visit that spot every summer. My friends and I would camp on an island and just forget about the world. We’d swim around the island and snorkel to watch the fishes. It was such a dream!

There’s something about the sea that makes me feel free. When I swim in the water, the world is silent and ironically, I can breathe again. I don’t even care about the sunburns or the occasional sand mites on the beach, or the jellyfish stings when the jellies come to bloom. I only care about how I feel worryfree in that moment, feeling the water, and feeling alive. I’m crazy about being on an island, the boat, and eating fresh seafood. At night, we bonfire with friends as we laugh and talk, or even cry. I can’t wait to be back on the sea again. The best memories are made under the sun (or the stars) with an ice cold beer at hand as you listen to the sound of the waves as you feel its energy.

When it gets too cold and heavy, I hear the seas call my name. When I get too tired, I trade in my work at home mom clothes to a pair of bikini and “just go.” When my heart needs a vacation, I go to the nearest beach and let the sea set me free.


© Madison Ashley USA (2020)

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