It's.....Hug Time!! :)

It's.....Hug Time!! :)

We are here to greet you with much needed positivity and sunshine, because we could all use more!

Madison Ashley is all about spreading the good vibes. Hugs included!

A hug is one of the many ways to better someone’s mood, and show your love and affection to those you cherish.

Today is usually celebrated with “free hug” or ”hug a friend” campaigns, but because of social distancing, we are giving out our virtual hug to all of you and our loved ones!

But, you can always hug responsibly!

No, we don't mean wrap yourself in PPE or homemade plastic shields. We mean making your loved ones feel the essence of hugs. Gift someone a token that represents your warm embrace.

Our Love Collection is made exactly for this!

You may not be able to hug your loved ones physically but our blue opal jewelry hugs just right! It’s special and comes from the heart, representing your warm embrace!

Bangles and bracelets are like hugs for your arm. A reminder of your warm presence.


Rings are perfect reminders of the support you gave your loved one when they needed strength.


Necklaces are like a sweet embrace resting at the nape of your neck and atop your chest, symbolizing your caring heart.

The best things in life are the simple gestures, like hugs and smiles. It's not about the item, it's about what it represents, and the warm fuzzy feelings and smile it will bring to your loved ones’ face.

What other things represent your hugs?
We’d love to hear your story!


Stay connected!


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