International Women's Month

Women's Month is all about appreciating the strength and the beauty that every woman brings into this world—not just by the miracle of life, but also all the regular contributions we make to building this society. So, the question is, have you shown your appreciation for the special women in your life? Well, now is the time to do so!
International Women's Month

It’s International Women's Day! A day to appreciate the strength and beauty that every woman embodies and brings into this world—not just by the miracle of life, but also by ALL the daily contributions we make to building our society.

This year's International Women’s Day theme is raising awareness to gender equality, and remembering the rights strong women fought for from generations past. We can all play our part in raising this awareness. Every day, women go through the painstaking pressures and judgments of gender specific social expectations. It takes mental toughness to wake up each day and be yourself, follow your dreams, work for what you want. We deserve praise for that.

Now more than ever, women need to stand together, to heal, to empower, and to spread love to one another. Aside from uplifting each other with gifts and compliments, polishing each other’s crowns–or claws (we don’t judge here), it is also time to change the world. Take a stand and support one another to open the doors of limitless possibilities!

Ladies, you are allowed to work your dream career, regardless if it’s in a male-driven industry, with equal pay and opportunities. Forget the days when momma only existed to take care of the baby, do the dishes, and clean the house, and let's bring in partnership, co-parenting and division of labor. Stereotypic gender roles are so out of style, for both women and men. It's about time that equality really comes into play and it's up to us women to take a stand and take action this Women's Day. Times have changed over the last couple centuries, and we've clearly come a long way, but we've got way more to go!

It takes a powerful soul to run the world as a woman does. So, whether you're young and spunky or gracefully aging, this is the perfect time to give yourself a pat on the back and stand up for all women, extending the good vibes to all the special ones in your life! They all deserve to know they are valued and loved. So, let's celebrate our mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters, besties and mentors for being the strong and independent women that bring this world together!

“Girl power” may sound cliché, but sticking together is what makes us stronger. So flip your hair and dance like you just don't care because, yes, we do have this one day to bring to surface the issues of today, but every day is a chance to leave our mark in this world, and that freedom should be celebrated!


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