If you had a chance to live on an island of your choice, where would you go?

If you had a chance to live on an island of your choice, where would you go?

It's finally summer, baby!

We're so glad that things are finally starting to feel normal and we can finally kick away the lockdown blues! While we still think that anyone who wants to get on a plane and go on a vacation should be safe and follow the protocols that are in place, we know that everyone deserves to have an amazing beach trip to their favorite fabulous destinations!

Looking for vacation ideas? Let these ladies inspire you!

So, because we think that staying away from the crowd is ideal, we decided to ask some of our beach lovin’ ladies where they’d go if they could spend a week on an island of their choice! We’ve gotten such wonderful answers that we think this should be called the “Top 5 Dream Island Destination (and an extra)” for island girls at heart! Here are some interesting answers.


1. Kiana Fiore

“I would have to say Santorini in Greece! Not only is Santorini known for its beautiful water and iconic whitewashed homes, but the island itself has such an amazing backstory. The island's terrain was formed by a volcanic eruption which created a crater in the water below, giving it the amazing blue appearance it has today.”

Isla Mujeres


2. Bernice Padilla

“If I could live on an island for a week I would choose Isla Mujeres! Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast of Cancun. It has beautiful white sand beaches, stunning turquoise water, and the friendliest locals! It’s so fun to just lay out on Playa Norte (North Beach) or drive a golf cart around the island 😊”


3. Brittanie Hervas

“I would for sure go to one of the Hawaiian islands! I’ve always wanted to watch a Hawaiian sunset!”

4. Sia Shells

“I would like to go to hawaii! I’ve always wanted to go there and swim with the adoraBUBBLE sea creatures!”

Praslin Island

5. Alyssa Castillo

“When this question was posed to me, I reflected on how many times I wanted to say my home island Trinidad and Tobago but I must venture out and say Praslin Island. I’m an island gal so I’m drawn to beautiful beaches. Laying in the sand at Anse Georgette, sipping on fresh coconut water, and dipping my feet in the ocean would be my ideal getaway!”


6. Katie Toth

“If I could go to an island for a week, it would definitely be the Maldives! The beautiful clear aqua water and all the sea animals, just seems like heaven! Hope to go there someday soon 🖤”


7. Nicole Jensen

Is Australia considered an island? Because that’s totally where I would go because of all the cool animals. 😎

This list could easily be our top 5 dream island destinations and we’re so excited to map out our next summer adventure! Where would YOU go if you had a chance to live on an island of your choice?

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