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How to Style Your Madison Ashley Cuffs & Bangles

March 15, 2020

Cuffs and bangles are the new friendship bracelets!

​Yes, we're claiming it! Although handmade bracelets are nice and sentimental, it's nice to give your girls a treat and spoil them with something nice to wear on their wrists every once in a while. It's so much fun to dress up and accessorize when you're doing it with the girls. It becomes a bonding experience and something to add to your collection of memories.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to style cuffs and bangles, don’t worry, girl! We’ve got you! Here are a few styles you can try with your girls. Read on for some of the ways you can wear your Madison Ashley Bangles!

Classic Casual

Okay, so if you’re looking for a way to give your daily look a sleek and sharp touch, here’s an idea! The perfect way to accessorize a pair of jeans and a classic top is to stack up some bangles and cuffs on your worst! Stack up your favorite Madison Ashley bangles and let the blue opal + sterling silver add a bit of vibrant sparkle to your day to day outfit. You can even swap cuffs with your girls or go matchy-matchy!

Vintage Vixen

Sometimes, putting on red lipstick to top up your outfit just isn't enough. If you're going for a vintage vibe, you should definitely wear our chunky vibrant piece! The Double Layer Opal Cuff will go perfectly with your high waisted skirts and over-sized sunglasses. Oh, and don't forget to try this with one of your girls! It's so much more fun when you're experimenting with the squad.

Boho Babe

Here's one for the free-spirited souls out there! Gather all the ladies and put together your Madison Ashley pieces because for this look, we recommend you go crazy for the boho! This is your chance to mix and match all your favorite MA pieces. Bangles and cuffs are amazing and you can even wear all our wrist pieces together! But why stop there? Go all out and throw in a few rings and necklaces too! After all, the goal is to over-accessorize.

Glam Girl

Alright, you sparkling elegant ladies, the best wrist piece for you would be simple yet feminine. Since you already like to dress up nicely, you definitely have to go for a more subtle and sophisticated piece. This is where the Opal Inlay Heart Cuff and Infinite Opal Heart Bangle comes in. The Inlay Heart Cuff works best for a more casual setting while the Infinite Opal Heart Bangle can be used for a more formal occasion. But then again, this all ultimately depends on how you're feeling that day.

Are you excited to try these bangle stylin’ OOTDs with your girls? Check out our cuffs & bangles collection and let us know what's your favorite look and which piece caught your eye the most!


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