Happy National FlipFlop Day!

Happy National FlipFlop Day!

Today we celebrate our most favorite beach footwear!

Madison Ashley loves celebrating small holidays that bring out the beach vibe such as today. It doesn't matter which types of flip flops you're into and whether you call them flip flops, sandals, feet tongs, or slippers, what matters is we all love wearing cute flip flops on the beach!

It’s so easy to pair FlipFlops with anything you wear. Whether you're in your bikinis or board shorts, you can have fun with all the various styles and colors, mix and match with your favorite summer apparel. Nothing against shoes but, who wants sand in their shoes and socks, right?

Aside from being a go-to beachwear, FlipFlops are a quintessential symbol of summer. The boots are back in the closet and the warmer days allow us to let loose and relax as we warm up on the beach and prepare for our next ocean adventure!

So why do we love wearing FlipFlops on the beach?

They’re comfy

Who wants to wear shoes on the beach when you can let your toes breathe? FlipFlops are beach favorites because they allow your feet to feel the nice breeze of the ocean. You don’t have to keep them tightly squeezed in your winter shoes and your feet can just take a break and relax as you do.

It’s easy to get them on and off

When you’re going in and out of the water, you don’t need to worry about drying your feet before putting them on. You don’t even have to worry about sand getting in them because it’s so easy to just shake off any sand that’s stuck on your feet or slippers. You just slip them off when you want to jump on the water and just wear them as you get off. Easy access and simple!

They allow you to show your personality

FlipFlops are not just functional, they’re also accessories you can wear anytime and anywhere! They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles which allows you to express your creativity and let your personality shine. Some are bold and rugged while some are nice and dainty. Some are casual and there are more fancy ones that you can also wear for special occasions. The choice is really up to you to find what best suits you.

We’re sure you can think of more reasons why you love wearing FlipFlops on the beach but aside from actual footwear, we have something that will make a perfect gift  for your family and friends!

We’ve got a flip flop necklace, flip flop earrings, flip flop anklets and bracelets! You can even shop for collections and get the whole set!

It’s the perfect chance to go twinning with your bestie, daughter, or mom, and if that isn’t enough, take your favorite blue slippers and wear the colors of the ocean as you go!


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