Get fabulous and NAUTIcal!

Get fabulous and NAUTIcal!

Life is like sailing, you can use the wind to go in any direction and you will always find a place to drop your anchor. Our Nautical Collection never fails to capture the hearts of free-spirited adventurers who are drawn to the sea.

Crescent Moon Sailing

Sail away with me tonight…

The Crescent Moon Sailing Necklace is the perfect gift for nocturnals who enjoy soaking in Ali ama energy. There’s just something calming about being at the ocean at night, feeling relaxed with the sound and movement of the waves.

Sailboat Seastar

Sail in style with the Sailboat Seastar. Who ever said that sailing is a man’s world? The Sailboat Seastar Necklace puts a bit of feminine touch to an otherwise rough world. This necklace shows that even women can be pirates, and she can be a fabulous badass at that!

Seastar Set

Not all stars are up in the sky! Sometimes, the most beautiful stars you can find are in the ocean. Aside from the different colors, shapes, and sizes, the sea star knows a lot about resilience. Did you know that sea stars can regenerate? Don’t let life’s tough sailing seas stop you. Rise from the waters and regenerate just like the sea star!

St Christopher

A St Christopher necklace to protect you from your travels. After all, the sea can be calm and beautiful but it can also be equally dangerous. A charm to keep the sea monsters at bay and make sure that you safely reach your destination. The perfect accessory for any adventurer of the sea!


We all need to take it easy and drop our anchor every once in a while. The Anchor Necklace reminds us to stay grounded. No matter how far we have sailed, and how rough the waters we’ve overcome, it’s always nice to find a safe place to just settle down and put down the anchor.




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