Featured item: Crystal Wave Dolphin Necklace

Featured item: Crystal Wave Dolphin Necklace

It is no secret that Madison Ashley draws inspiration from the ocean, sea creatures, and beautiful experiences related to the sea. Today we would like to share the story behind one of our new items, the Crystal Wave Dolphin Necklace.

There's nothing more enjoyable than swimming in the ocean and feeling wild and free! Just like a playful dolphin, swimming and jumping in and out of the water as if their purpose is to make your heart jump for joy. 
Dolphins are superstars, they love having fun and putting on a show and the Crystal Wave Dolphin Necklace was made to channel the enthusiasm of these beautiful creatures. It gives you a chance to bring that optimistic energy with you all the time.



Seeing dolphins in the wild is an exhilarating experience and we wanted to capture moments like that and eternalize them on a charm. We wanted to capture the time you were sailing on a boat and you saw these creatures play around right next to your boat. It’s about that time you were surfing and they decided to surf the wave next to you. It’s about the time you went freediving and they showed up to swim with you. It’s about the many other exciting moments you had with your loved ones and they graced you with their presence making it a more meaningful and heartfelt memory that you now cherish forever.
We wanted a way to keep those memories alive and give you another way to remember them by. This necklace is designed with a beautiful platinum dolphin jumping over vibrant blue opal waves. It was designed to show the merriment and fascinating energy of your favorite dolphins.



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