Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Dad’s day is almost here and we’re giving you the best items that would make good Father’s Day gifts!

Madison Ashley is known for our precious blue stones and although it may sound like an unusual gift for dear old dad, blue opal stones are definitely not just for women.

Real Men aren't afraid to wear something vibrant!

That's right, guys! We are so excited to announce that Madison Ashley finally has a jewelry collection for men. Just in time for Father’s Day! Now you have something bright and unique for your husbands, fathers, and sons.

Blue Opal Necklaces

We have new necklaces designed for men and they’re ready to swim with your dad! Read on to give you an idea of what you should get as a present.


For the bold and rough-edged dad.

We all want to wish our father to live a long and lasting life. How about a Vintage Sea Turtle Necklace? The great sea turtle symbolizes resilience, long life, and endurance. The vintage style represents the boldness in men while the sea turtles represent wisdom and age–something your dad probably is.

Thank you, dad. For teaching me to be comfortable in my own shell. You taught me that age is just a number but it also comes with wisdom.


For dads who loves fishing

Fishing, as they say, is a man’s sport. If you want to give your dad a little extra luck, get him a Blue Marlin Necklace. It represents happiness and endurance, something your dad definitely gets out of fishing. Watch as he reels in more catch and remembers you every time because of this awesome piece.

I hope you enjoy your fishing trips with this necklace, dad. May it remind you that I am with you, even when apart. Thank you for teaching me to swim wise and strong in whatever kind of water I'm in –just like the fishes.


Something to match...

Whether you're a wife or a daughter, having something to match is always a nice and sentimental gesture. It's like carrying something that represents your connection or a piece of the other half.


For the ocean-loving dad

Some men (and women) just have that special connection with the ocean. Those who are somehow drawn to the energy and life of the fascinating seas, beaches, and all the other things we associate these with. It becomes his place of zen, a comfortable place, an escape from the crazy world we live in.

If this sounds just like dad, then getting him a fish hook necklace is a great idea. The Makaus represents the connection between man and the ocean. If this is also a special connection that you share, then get a matching pair to remind each other of your love for the beach.


For the creative dad

Some sea-loving dads are artsy and maybe a bit crazy funny! It takes intelligence and depth to be an artist or to have a great sense of humor and if your dad is one of them, this is definitely a nice father's day gift, especially if you share these same traits and if you love the ocean too! 

These matching Sailfish Pendants symbolize the creativity and happiness we share. Now we can have a matching piece that we can both cherish.


For the dad who values virtue

Life will always bring you to difficult places but regardless of the circumstance you're in, it is always good to hold on to your values, beliefs, or principles. The anchor represents standing your ground. It is also worn by travelers and sea lovers to represent their love for traveling or exploring the world.

The anchor is a great reminder to keep grounded no matter what happens. It teaches us to be humble and stand our ground but also to stand for what we believe in. Now we've got a matching necklace to remind us of our virtues and to remember each other by. Thank you, dad, for leading by example.


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