Fall is another change of season...

Fall is another change of season...

The leaves are falling, the colors are changing, it’s a new season and the vibe is transforming. We know you don’t want summer to end just yet but don’t you worry! It’s summer all year round for Madison Ashley. We’ve got your back!

But! In relation to the changing times, what else has changed in your life so far? The world has been so different this year and we know you can't wait for things to go back to normal, but just like the changing seasons, it’s all a giant cycle and it’s bound to come around soon. Maybe even better than ever!

While we’re here and the world has slowed down, let’s take this time to reflect on life and how we’ve been living it. Have you taken a moment to really assess yourself and everything around you? It’s okay if you haven’t, we don’t judge. It’s just been a tiring year and sometimes you just wanna curl in bed the whole day. It’s perfectly fine too! But somewhere in between, you’ve probably thought about it. What are you gonna do when this all blows over? How have you been taking care of yourself? What changes are you gonna make now and how will you start?

As a brand, Madison Ashley has decided to take care of what inspires us, the ocean and marine life. You’ve probably heard that we're now starting to help save the ocean, right? Change doesn’t always have to be so big and dramatic. Change can be the small things that somehow makes things better.

As individuals, 2020 has made us realize so many things. The value of family, time, and presence. The value of human interaction and all the luxury we used to enjoy. It allowed us to take a break from the busy city life and just stay still. To some, this drove them crazy while others celebrated. Some of us shifted to either taking care of our physical self and others focused on their inner healing. This “season of change” allowed us to realign our focus and our values. It allowed us to see the changes we have to make and the way we lived our lives. It allowed us to be more humane.

Seasons have changed and we will miss summer for a while, but other than summer, what else are you missing?

We’d love to hear your story. Hit us up in our socials!


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