Do you have what it takes to be a mermaid?

Do you have what it takes to be a mermaid?

Hey everyone! We're releasing mermaid items today and we're abSHELLutely excited to share them with you!

You all know that Madison Ashley is all about the “Ocean Life” and we're so inspired by every single thing related to it. We love ALL the marine creatures big and small, and that includes MERMAIDS!

Mermaiding is the most beautiful underwater sport! It has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century and it’s more than just wearing a tail and feeling like Ariel from the little mermaid. In fact, if you want to get real technical, mermaiding is a combination of technical swimming skills, acrobatic figures, breath holding, artistry and of course, the beautiful mermaid tails!

Mermaiding doesn't always have to be competitive. It is a hobby, a sport, and a profession! The scene has been gaining more traction in the past few years and the mermaid pods are constantly growing and multiplying.

To commeMERate this day, we asked our favorite MERson for an inside scoop on what it takes to be a mermaid.

Here's a quick Q & A session with Abbey of Mermaid Vlogs!

We asked her some of the most common questions for all our MER curious people who want to dip their fins into mermaiding and here's what she had to say!

Q: Who can be a mermaid?
“Anyone can be a mermaid! Tail or no tail, YOU can be a mermaid.” 
Q: What does it take to be a mermaid?
“Mermaids are confident, kind, and care about our oceans and our planet!”
Q: What is the essence of being a mermaid?
“Being true to your unique self is the best way to spread your mermaid magic.”

See, it's not just about the hair and the fins, it’s also about the heart! It’s about your love for the ocean and being kind to yourself.

Tips on mermaiding:

1. If you are ready to dive in with a mermaid tail, be sure it uses a monofin and has been proven safe.

2. You should be an excellent swimmer withOUT a tail before you try to put on a mermaid tail.

3. The Mertailor guppy tails is highly recommended for beginners. They use the Linden monofin and have so many gorgeous skin options!

And you’re a mermaid at heart but you’re still unsure of whether or not you’re meant to swim with a tail,

Would you ever want to become a mermaid? Message us on our Facebook or Instagram and let us know your answers!

Ooh, and if you want to learn more about being a mermaid, check out The Everyday Mermaid


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