Cool facts about Crabs and the Zodiac Cancer

Cool facts about Crabs and the Zodiac Cancer

Today marks the beginning of zodiac Cancer (June 21 - July 22) and because we love anything related to the ocean, we thought we’d highlight one of this month's symbolic animals; the crab.

We believe that the different natural elements can affect your vibe so we believe that having something with you to represent those elements is very important for positivity and protection. If your Zodiac is Cancer, we have a few items we think would be perfect for you, especially if your element is water.

Why do we love Cancer?

A crab can seamlessly weave between the sea and shore which in the zodiac, is believed to represent Cancer's ability to exist in both emotional and material realms. Cancers are people who are resilient and unwilling to give up especially once they set their mind to it.

Having a crab necklace can help you amplify these energies and with the blue opal representing water, it attracts the fluidity and strength of water at the saw time.

Among many things, crabs represent self-protection and defense, emotions, trust, and the cyclical nature of life. The crab also dumps one shell in exchange for another, representing a point of rebirth in their life cycle which is why Cancer born can reinvent themselves and start over easily.

Reasons why we love crabs

It reminds us of Sebastian.

Yes, that’s probably our inner mermaid speaking but why not? And since we do have a lot of mermaid friends, it makes sense for us to love one of the most prominent mermaid’s BFF; Sebastian.

Crabs learn from their mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes and just like in life, we need to learn from them. It only means that crabs are capable of growth and improvement, just like those who are born under the Cancer zodiac. Research suggests crabs not only suffer pain but they also remember it so please, even if you’re scared of their pinchers, try not to hurt or disturb them.

They come in different colors

Even though crabs have similar characteristics, they can still be pretty unique and colorful. They can range from red, orange, yellow, even bright blue! Sometimes, they even have very interesting and fun patterns on their shells.

Two neighboring crabs will never fight each other.

If true queens fix each other‘s crowns, crabs don’t fight with each other. It’s a common notion that crabs pull each other down when they’re trying to escape a container but remember, crabs aren’t meant to be in containers. We can’t judge them when they’re at their worst, that’s just not fair. Let’s look at them in their natural state and maybe you’ll appreciate them more.

Do you share our fascination with these beautiful sea creatures? Let us know why you love them! Send us a message or join our official Facebook group to share your thoughts!


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