Beautiful moments under the tropical shade.

Beautiful moments under the tropical shade.

Isn’t it crazy how time flies? We’ve been through a lot this year and now we’re down to the last 2 months of the year! It may seem trivial but it just feels like it’s something to look forward to. 

November is a transitional month and it’s about to say hi in a few days. It’s that awkward time between fall and winter which is exciting because well, a new season is always exciting. The leaves are falling off trees and football season is finally in. This is also usually the month where we look back at wonderful times spent during the summer because we begin to feel the cold weather. Given the current circumstances, not all of us might have a new summer memory this year. It’s a bit sad but this is what makes our past summer memories more special. 

For Madison Ashley, this year has also been about changes. We’ve decided to spread ocean love – more than the usual, and you are a part of it. 10% of your purchase gets donated to ocean and marine life conservation. We’re also giving you new designs that will surely remind you of your beautiful moments under the tropical shade.

Whether it’s reading a book under a palm tree or watching your kids play in the sand, allow us to give you beautiful jewelry to bring you back to those days.

Here’s what you’re missing:

What’s your favorite moments under the tropical shade? We’d love to hear your story!

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