Beautiful moments under the tropical shade...

September 01, 2020

One of my favorite things while relaxing by the beachis feeling the refreshing breeze as I watch the palm tree leaves dance with the gentle wind. It allows me to daydream and reflect on my life. I look back to the beautiful memories brought about by the seas, I think about “the now” and how different everything is, and I look ahead, imagining things. Dreaming of what could be as my mind drifts away to bliss.

With all the things going on in the world right now, I really do wish I’m away on a tropical holiday. Relaxing on a hammock with a fresh and cold coconut at hand, drinking its juice, and scooping out the meat as a snack. I look at my daughter and I think to myself “oh, how she’d love to be building sandcastles, enjoying the beach as she collects seashells and splash some water around” and I know I’d be staring into her eyes as I marvel at how beautiful they are as the sun hits them gently while the sun goes down. Unfortunately, the world is not yet safe for that. Not for her, my precious angel, not for any of us.

As I look at her in awe and get a little bit excited about the next time we go to a beautiful island paradise, I realize how much she’s grown. She’s right in front of me and it’s as if I blinked and missed it. She’s not so little anymore, and I’m not constantly running around for her anymore.

I wonder what it’ll be like the next time we go to the beach. Will she still enjoy building sandcastles and collecting seashells? Will she still enjoy the tire swings tied nicely on the tall coconut trees? Will we still have beach days together 10 years from now? When she marries and has her own kids? When I’m old and starting to grey?

We always enjoy snacking under the shade when the sun gets a bit too hot. We sometimes use the leaves to write letters in the sand. My daughter always loved setting up our cozy spot and sometimes even falls asleep on my lap as we rest and hear the sound of the waves touching the shore. I wonder if she’ll still enjoy doing those things with me, and I wonder if she’ll still sleep on my lap as we rest under the trees.

I remember the times when I watched her sleep as we waited until it’s cool enough to get back to the water. The shadows danced around us as my eyes traced her tan lines. Simple moments like those are definitely priceless. Tan lines will fade but the memories will still remain. This is why I’m looking for a simple gift, one that she can wear all the time and remember how we loved those moments. A golden palm tree necklace is perfect to remind her of our beautiful afternoons together and how special they are to me —to us.

I wish we can encapsulate those moments. Those few minutes when the world stood still and everything was fine. I took a breath and realized the beauty of life and it’s happening right in front of me. She will only see the “pretty necklace” for now but when I’m older, she’ll know that it represents my love and how much I value our beautiful moments together. A beautiful piece, a piece for the heart.

I’m glad I found a piece that captures everything in moments like those. I’m glad I found Madison Ashley USA.

Well, Madison Ashley, that’s my sentimental moment for you. Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful memory with the people we love through your pieces.

With love,


  © Madison Ashley USA (2020)