Some of the best memories are the ones that include a lot of laughter. Whether it's a prank or one of your “dumb” moments, or something that's just unfortunate, find a way to laugh about it. Why? Because if you can laugh at yourself and/or the situation (or at least laugh about it when you look back), then no one can ever make a fool of you.

Madison Ashley loves hearing your stories spent by the sea and we love funny stories as much as sweet and romantic ones. Here's a few really tales that will surely make you laugh.

Swarmed by a flock of seagulls

A month after moving to Florida, my best friend came to visit and we picked up Chick-fil-A to eat on the beach. I was two nuggets in when a flock of seagulls worked together and swarmed us — eating 10 out of 12 nuggets and all my fries. By the time it was over all that was left were feathers and an overturned Chick-fil-A sauce. I have yet to bring food to the beach since. 🤣

Jumping into my bathing suit!

My funniest beach memory is from I first moved to Florida - I was playing in the water at a sandbar, and the sun was setting, which meant predator fish began feeding, scaring bait fish everywhere.

I was fascinated with the jumping fish until they were all jumping by me.

Eventually they got so close they started jumping into my bathing suit just to get away from whatever was chasing them. You should have heard me screaming! LOL. I was so terrified of the baitfish but I was too scared of whatever was chasing them to get off the sandbar and you know what it was? A snook! Lol. A toothless fish that’s now my absolutely favorite thing to catch!

Mud-fishing my keys, using my toes!

Before living in Hawaii, Seth and I used to always celebrate our anniversary with a trip to the beach. On our fifth anniversary, we decided to take our jet skies for a spin in the Delaware Bay. But before we left for the day, Seth dropped our keys (to the jet skis, our beach house, and our car) into the muddy water where we dock our jet skies. Seth deemed it a lost cause, and started looking up key replacement services, but I was determined to recover the key ring. To do so, I held myself up on the dock with my arms and fished the keys out of the mud using my toes! It was an experience to say the least! But we were able to still have a great day and now, years later, we look back and laugh.

An invisible monster!

My seal-ly tale is from the spring of 2018 when my family and I traveled to the Outer Banks, specifically Manteo NC. My family who all went on this journey together included myself, my husband his two children who were 18 and 20 at the time, as whale as my sister-in-law, her teenage son and her husband. Rhean, (pronounced "Ren") and I decided to take the crew fishing along some of the sand bars and Islands. Naturally as we pulled up to the first island the adventurer's spirit arose and the younger members of our group decided to explore the small island while Rhean and I set up for the days activities. Assuming they would be gone for a short while we took our time, enjoying the smells in the breeze, the sounds of the water lapping the shore and just being in the OBX. However after about 10 minutes, not much more, those peaceful sounds were drowned out by sounds of crashing limbs, twigs followed by yelps of pain and, "Ruuunnnn!"

We looked back in the direction towards where the boys had disappeared into the thick underbrush. Right on que, three young men jumped outta the bushes swatting and smacking themselves with conviction, running full speed to the water's edge like Kramer from Scienfeld. Arms still whipping around and feet flying, they banked to the right, booking it back towards us who were left in the boat. Cluelessly I watched them, wracking my brain for what could have caused these three strong adventurous guys to transform instantly into quite the opposite.

What was this invisible monster? It was a swarm of the notorious, biting "Yellow Flies." A fly that has a bite similar to a sweat bee's sting, just much stronger, and they are incessant. Not only do they hurt, but they add insult to injury with their ability to take flight backwards when one tries to swat said fly. It's no wonder they tore down the beach the way they did. Wanna go island exploring? HA! April Fools!!

Diving...on a kid’s sand castle!


We were throwing a football back and forth on the beach. My husband was running and stretching upward to catch it but tripped on a little kid’s sand castle and ate it.. hard! I laughed so hard when he crashed this kid’s sandcastle that I had to run into the ocean because I for sure peed on myself!

Running a couple miles… after an inflatable!

Playing in the waves and bringing inflatables are always a favorite thing to do of mine. I could float in an inner tube out in the waves all day like a true mermaid! One very windy day a wave knocked me out of the tube and it of course went flying away down the beach. Mind you, it was season so the beach was very crowded of course! So here I go running after it trying to grab it and a big gust of wind would take it and send it further down the beach right as I was about to get to it. The beach goers got some amusement out of this and everyone started laughing making it a baywatch moment. By the time I (finally) grabbed it, I probably ended up running a couple miles and got a good workout😂

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