A Valentine’s Treat for Him

A Valentine’s Treat for Him

A lot of the pressure for celebrating Valentine’s Day is directed to men and how to surprise or give gifts to their queen. We women aren’t complaining but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything nice for our man, right? Let’s change it up, ladies! How about doing something special for your man too?

We women love coming up with surprises! We love organizing them just as much as we love receiving them. Most of the time, this involves creating gifts, cooking dinner for their loved ones, or planning an entire trip (or a date)! What are you planning to do for him this year? Haven’t decided yet? Well, here are some ideas!

Backyard Cinema

The Super Bowl is coming! We know it’s not exactly romantic but we’re doing something nice for our man. This will definitely get you the best girlfriend/wife award!

We’re talking about a backyard viewing experience, and although it is commonly set up to watch movies, why not do this for Super Bowl Sunday? It’s going to be entirely different this year anyway so why not make a new experience out of it? Much like when you have backyard barbecue with friends, you can prepare wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chips, chili and all the other dips and spreads that you can think of. Get the whole family involved and enjoy watching Super Bowl in an outdoor setting! And of course, don’t forget the beers!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the romantic night you’re going for but hey, with the same setup, you can have a romantic date night with your man in the comfort of your backyard.

It’s so much fun to watch movies on the big screen but you don’t always have to go to the cinema to do so. Bring out your projector or large screen TVs and watch your favorite (or new) movies under the stars! Create a mood to make it extra special. Set up comfy seating, a nice blanket to keep you warm when it gets cold, and you’re all set! You can also do it picnic style by setting up a beach blanket, some throw pillows, and a whole lot of snacks! It can be as romantic or as casual as you want it to be. It’s your own cinema, so you make all the rules!

Beach Picnic - Home Style!

Of course the beach is first on our list! We can never get over the summer vibe but you can’t always go to the beach to get some sun, right? It might be too cold to go to the beach and with the pandemic still here, it can be a bit scary to go to a public place right now. So, here’s an idea, create the beach vibe in your home!

Grown ups can play pretend and use imagination too! And that’s exactly what you’ll have to convince your man to do.

We love your memories by the beach and you can still revisit those moments by creating a beach picnic set up in the comfort of your home! Just set up beach blankets and pack your picnic baskets! Turn up the heater –or put on a fire– and lounge in your living room with your man. And if it’s a warm beautiful day in your corner of the world, you can even do this in your backyard! It may sound silly but dress up for summer and unleash your inner boho!

Set the mood with candles, mood lights, music and other things that he likes. Make it an entire experience by serving your favorite summer dishes as you reminisce about your favorite beach memories!

Not so into the whole planning thing? Don’t worry, here’s a few simpler suggestions.

Breakfast in Bed

Simple, sweet, and definitely scrumptious! Wake up early and prepare a special breakfast for him. You can make something new or whip up his favorite breakfast and serve it in bed. You can even scatter rose petals on the tray or in the bed to make it a bit romantic. And when you’re ready, wake him up with a kiss and enjoy your meal together.

Fondue or Charcuterie?

Here’s another date night idea! Grab a nice bottle of wine to celebrate the night. Prepare the meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers. Is your man a fan of fondue or is he craving for charcuterie appetizers? This one is more up to your taste but preparing these appetizers and enjoying a night in with your man is definitely a winner for having a Valentine’s Night in. You can even dress up and decorate your dining room to create a romantic vibe!

Gifts and Letters

Men love receiving gifts and letters too! Although women commonly expect men to write letters or Valentine’s Day cards, and a lot of gift items for this holiday are for women, we still have to keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not just for women, it’s a holiday for men too! So make an effort to get him something nice like a jewelry he might like and try making him a nice Valentine’s Day card to go with it.

What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day thing for your man? We’d love to hear your stories! Send us a message in our socials!

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