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A sentimental way for husbands to make us wives feel loved and appreciated.

May 08, 2020

My husband was never a man of words. I can keep hoping he says things to make it all better but that’s just not how he is. I’m so thankful to Madison Ashley USA for being a sentimental way for husbands to make us wives feel loved and appreciated.

The past few months have been very challenging to my husband and I. All the changes and hormonal rush, all the sacrifices, worry and angst, the mixed emotions of carrying life in your womb and being a mother for the first time.

It’s scary.... It’s crazy....

...but it's a small sacrifice to make for this little bundle of joy I am now holding in my arms.

My husband came home with a cake for our daughter’s first month. He also came home with a small box that reassured all my doubts. Inside that tiny box was an Infinite Opal heart bangle. He wrote a note saying:

“This bangle represents my infinite love for you, especially after seeing how strong you are as a woman to bring our child to this world.”

He was right. Only infinite love can define what a woman goes through during childbirth. The love of a wife and a mother. And now I have something to remind me of that every single day, even when my husband is away for work. They were right, great things really do come from small packages.

Thank you Madison Ashley USA. For creating beautiful things that remind us of the things that matter most.




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