A Message From The CEO

A Message From The CEO

To our dearest customers and friends,

It has taken us a while, but as an ocean lover, I definitely think this move is like the current of the seas bringing us in the right direction. We started with just producing jewelry inspired by the sea, the ocean, the beach, our favorite sea animals and all the good memories connected to it. Madison Ashley started off by focusing on the good vibes and the beauty of our favorite tropical destinations but the reality is it’s not all beautiful, it’s not always good.

I remember traveling to different beaches, not just here in the US, but around Asia and other corners of the world and it was always nice to unwind and relax. Although I’ve made a lot of good memories, and each place has its own charm, there are also heartbreaking sights which many of us fail to highlight because just like our brand, we are all focused on the good.

There were several instances in my travels where I would see so much trash floating on the shores. One time, my friends and I were picking up trash in Bali for about 3 hours, and there was still so much to pick up! A few hours is not enough to clean up an entire beach, so what about around the globe? This is why I, along with my team, have decided to help make a change.

Growing up, I was taught that we should treat people the way we want them to treat us, and with the beach and the ocean being my comfort place, I had the same outlook when it came to Mother Nature and all the creatures that we share our home planet with.

At first, Madison Ashley didn’t have this mission as a brand. It was initially a business idea related to something close to my heart —the ocean. We want to be a piece of the ocean, a piece of your story, and a piece for the heart. We are still that same brand that values your memories and your relationships with the people you love, however, starting today, we are now also an ocean-inspired jewelry brand helping to clean and protect the seas.

The beach, the ocean and the tropics have always been connected to beautiful experiences and wonderful memories, and I wanted to take these elements and hopefully share it with people who can relate to this feeling of living in the moment— this will ultimately remain the core of Madison Ashley. But now that we’re getting bigger, I think it’s about time we do something more than just that. It’s about time to give back and take care of our paramour, the sea, and use our reach to get more people to take part in this movement.

Madison Ashley has grown in the past three years and I think it’s time we participate in something bigger than us. I am so blessed to have a group of dedicated people who share the same love for the ocean, And so, we have come to a collective decision that now is the time to do more.

Each of us, even the smallest plankton in the sea has a place in our ecosystem and I think it’s important to give value to that. As humans, we have a shared responsibility to take care of this planet we call home. Let’s not forget to do our part and help save the seas.

Some of you might be thinking that donating or giving money to various organizations is not a big move. But donating to various causes is just the start, and we are so excited to be more active in the movement to save the ocean, the beaches, and all the lovely creatures of the sea.


  © Madison Ashley USA (2020)

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