A Letter for my wife...

A Letter for my wife...

To my better half,

Let me kick this off by saying how incredible you are, and how surprised I am that you always know how to kick things up a notch with each passing year we are together.

Now, 2020 hasn't exactly been our year; ups and downs and one struggle after another, even more so now. But you, oh you, you’ve kept me grounded and sane despite all this.

You always help me realize how simple life can be despite me blowing things out of proportion. You’ve shown me different ways of approaching our struggles and helped me understand how things can go our way. You’ve always held my hand despite me losing my cool and rushing into things without a plan.

I’ve always believed that one person can do better compared to two, avoiding conflicting ideas and what not, but boy was I wrong...

I understand now how, despite those conflicts, we can and will function as a unit for the betterment of ourselves and our family.

Despite me not being vocal all the time, I just wanted to let you know that me and kids notice and appreciate EVERYTHING; all the teachings, the support, and the love that you give to us. I know this pandemic has gotten in the way of our yearly Mother’s Day traditions, but that’s something we can make up for another time. Always know that I will be here, madly in love with you and excited to wake up next to you every single day for the rest of my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Love!

Your always loving husband,

Paul E.




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