A Journey To Self-Discovery

A Journey To Self-Discovery

Have you recently snapped at something so trivial and you're left sitting on your own, thinking about why you're on edge and wondering what you are doing with your life?

Quarantine, stress, anxiety and all other related emotions might be getting to you right now, but don't be too hard on yourself, you're still awesome! You just need to take a breather, a moment to relax, unwind and reboot; a moment to just lay still and meditate.

Our days are so overwhelming, especially if you're a woman who takes care of yourself and your family. If you're stuck in a rut and you're getting tired of your routine, or you're just demotivated and feel like something is missing, you definitely need a fresh start and a journey to self-discovery. Here's how you can break free from this cycle.


Take a moment for yourself and just be alone with your thoughts. This is very challenging as the noise in your head will definitely sound loud and can make you feel weak. It's okay. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and listen to your thoughts for a while. What are you really upset about? What makes you anxious? Why are you feeling this way about it? Let your thoughts and emotions out. You can even write it down if you want to. This is your chance to rediscover yourself.


Don't be too hard on yourself. Accept that it's okay to be upset, anxious, mad or overwhelmed. It's alright to be hurt and feel like nothing is worth it. You're allowed to feel like a mess and you're allowed to fail, you’re only human, and acceptance is one of the biggest steps to help pick ourselves up and try again.


Break the loop you're in. Everyone needs a change of scene, a change of routine, something different. Sometimes it's not even the situation that we're in, it's the fact that nothing ever changes and we're dealing with the same things, but we're just doing it on different days. It can get old, so go ahead and do something new. Go on a hike, or take a swim at the beach. Free yourself from the boring life you live and make a change. Heck, inflate a pool or just soak in your tub all day! Get a makeover, shop for jewelry, cook something special. Anything! Just do something that you usually wouldn’t do every day and break that cycle you're getting so tired of. As humans, we normally strive for something new. You might even discover something about yourself that you never knew before.


After a nice day of just doing something different and starting to feel alive again, it's time to reshape your perspective. This is so powerful because just a small change can completely change your life. Decide. Decide on things you want to do or change, nothing is too small or too big. Decide on what you want to do and work on it. Change your diet and focus on your health, find a new motivational poster, start a new hobby or weekend activity, start that blog, or chase sunsets on the beach. Something as simple as changing the way you look can greatly affect the way you take on the world. Do something that feels good.


Going on an adventure to self-discovery can be emotionally challenging but it can also be invigorating. If you're the type of person who needs some sort of lucky charm or ”safety blanket” then consider getting yourself a little something to remind you of the changes you're making, the end goal, and the good things you're trying to achieve. It doesn't have to be a literal blanket, it just has to help you keep the optimism and to remind you of how good life can be if you only push for your goal. 

Get yourself something nice. It can be a coin or a pin, something you can carry or wear, like a necklace or bracelet. It can even be a matching piece that you can share with the person who inspires you and keeps you going. Maybe something to match with the people you're working hard for, and the reason why you're propelled to improve yourself and refuse to let anxiety, stress and all the negativity take over you. Or maybe to simply keep you in check and remind you of this new found light.

It's easy to get lost in this world of chaos and fear. Remember that when you snap, snap back even harder. You are limitless and sometimes you just need something to remind you of good times, the people who love you, and the moments worth living for.

Cheers to a fresher, newer version of you!


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