6 reasons why going to the beach can relieve stress

6 reasons why going to the beach can relieve stress

Listening to the waves, watching the sunset, feeling the ocean breeze and spending quality time by the beach with the people you love is simply the best feeling ever. But did you know what going to the beach relieves stress and anxiety? It’s not just the fact that you went on a vacation, it literally has a healing and soothing effect on our body and our brain.

The beautiful view and sounds of the ocean has an effect that allows you to go into a meditative state which is why yoga is always associated and best done at the beach. It is good for both our physical and mental health.

Ocean view

The sight of the ocean is easy for the brain to process. Being surrounded with blues in the sky and in the waters of the ocean brings feelings of tranquility and serenity in most people. Psychologists and behaviorists even use the color blue to help relax patients. In other words, just seeing the blue waters can help bring you calmness and serenity.

On a more technical note, according to brain imaging research, being near the water is linked to our brains releasing feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.

Sounds of the waves

The sound of the waves can create a soft focus that makes it easier to get into a state of mindfulness. Close your eyes when you’re at the beach and just listen to the sounds of the waves. Listen to the rhythm of ocean waves, listen to the tides coming in and out of the shore, and listen to the sound it makes as it splashes on the rocks.

It is believed that the sound and rhythm of the waves encourages our brain to have a more peaceful pace of thought. It allows you to think positively, relax, and meditate. It allows you to empty your mind. It allows you to just “be.”

Ocean water

Go on a dive or just submerge yourself in the ocean for a little while. How does it feel? It feels relaxing, right? Feeling the waves as you float on the water, just going with its rhythm. It’s so calming. Aside from the refreshing feeling of the ocean water on your skin, did you know that ocean water can be medical?

The ocean water is rich in minerals which can calm and reduce irritation and inflammation on your skin. Iodine in the ocean water can regulate hormone levels and the magnesium encourages good skin health. In fact, sea salt water is recommended to people with psoriasis and other dry skin conditions –which causes a lot of stress to some people.

Getting some sun

Getting some sun is great for getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. The sun and its UV rays allow your skin to absorb chromophores which have mood-boosting effects. It stimulates your body to produce beta-endorphins, whose primary function is to reduce stress and serotonin which is a key hormone for relaxation and happiness. Just getting some sun already creates a positive reaction in your body. In short, just sunbathing can improve your mood and energy, increase focus and calmness and decrease the effects of stress!

In fact, if you want to explore light therapy, this is also something doctors and therapists do to help patients with anxiety and stress. We are not medical experts so we suggest consulting with your doctor.

Ocean breeze

Breathing is the most basic thing we humans do and breathing near the ocean is actually very good for your health. The chest muscles surrounding the lungs relax when you go to the beach which is why it’s easier to breathe when you’re there. This is because the air itself is actually charged with negative ions. These negative ions work to increase oxygen absorption in the lungs.

Connect with your inner self

There’s something about the beach that makes you reflect on things. It allows you to appreciate nature, think about your dreams, see your life and yourself, and even begin a new chapter or let go of something heavy. You can also feel at peace and release yourself from the stress and troubles of your daily life.

Your body always knows when you’re taking care of yourself. You just feel different and feel better. There is no better place to truly feel at one with nature and ourselves.

We know that not everybody can go to the beach right now. If you just want some sort of reminder of your happy place, the beach, then allow Madison Ashley jewelry to remind you of your most favorite place for serenity.

We’d love to hear why the beach is your favorite place! Share your story with us.

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